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By: Glover & Associates  09-12-2011
Keywords: Drafting Agreements

Real Estate:

Set-fee Closing Packages (including Title Insurance and GST):  We will provide a quote for all costs relating to the completion of your purchase or sale so that you will be able to properly budget.  There are no surprises on the closing date with our firm.
Status Certificate and New Home Offers reviewed at no charge:  For our clients, we review condominium status certificates and new home offers promptly and at no extra charge.
Residential Purchase & Sale – Freehold & Condo:  We deal with all types of residential purchases and sales including freehold, condo, urban and rural. We will ensure superior service with your transaction. 
Negotiating and Drafting Agreements of Purchase and SaleWhen buying privately or from a friend or relative, our lawyers will draft an Agreement of Purchase and Sale that protects the client and ensures that all details are looked after as a result.
Acting for home owners for refinancing:  Our firm acts for homeowners who refinance their homes through institutional lenders.   If you are placing additional financing on your home or condo or are changing lenders, please speak to us about our services and all-inclusive packages.

Family Law:

Mediation:  Darryl Glover is a trained mediator who assists with the mediation of separating couples as well as the ongoing arrangements for parenting.
Prenuptials: Otherwise known as “marriage contracts” here in Canada, this can be very useful for people who plan to marry and have the need to keep their assets distinct.  This is particularly common in couples where there are children from a previous relationship or where there is a significant difference in assets at the time of marriage.
Counseling:  We have adjunct professionals who can assist with the emotional component of marriage breakdown or other stressful situations.
Trust Agreements: When assistance is needed from a friend or family member to acquire an asset, a trust agreement can keep things clear for all involved.
Cohabitation Agreements:  Sometimes the best way to avoid misunderstandings is to get it down on paper. A professionally drawn cohabitation agreement will address all of the issues you know you want clear and many that you may not have thought of.
Co-ownership: When two or more people who are not married buy property, a co-ownership agreement is a good idea.  It determines how things are conducted while the property is shared and how to deal with things when it is time to buy out or sell.
Domestic Contracts:  These general contracts are used to ensure that parties are clear with their intentions.  Various domestic contracts are available to keep life more predictable.
Separation Agreements:  When a marriage or other spousal relationship breaks down, a separation agreement is necessary to establish the rights and obligations of both parties upon leaving the relationship or marriage.  Separation agreements are documents that allow people to be “legally separated”.  They clarify asset and debt sharing, what happens to the house, the kids and the personal belongings as well as pensions, estates, and anything else that needs to be addressed as his, hers or theirs.
Divorce – Contested and Uncontested:  Divorce is needed to remarry.  Before dealing with the divorce, a separation agreement should be negotiated and signed.
Adoption:  Our firm will take you through the domestic adoption process to take the worry out of things.  We handle the paperwork, court documents, legal advice and anything else that arises during the process.
Enforcement:  Sometimes a court order needs to be enforced.  Whether it is a Family Court order or an order arising from a civil litigation matter, we will proceed through the proper channels to enforce.
Annulment:  When divorce does not address your needs, an annulment may be required.  This can be for religious reasons but often arises from other contexts as well.
Marriage Contracts: Marriage Contracts are to Canadians what Pre-Nups are to Americans.  Whatever the name, they are a domestic contract that addresses what each party’s rights and obligations will be during marriage as well as in the case of death or separation.
Paternity: As part of custody and access matters, clients may be referred for paternity testing.
Child Support: Child support is a basic right of the child.  There are clear factors to determine the proper amount and there are systems in place to ensure that it gets paid.  Our firm deals with Child Support collection through non-adversarial means if possible and through the court when necessary.
Access: Access is also the right of the child.  We advocate for the best interests of the child when assisting to ensure that positive relationships continue between parents and their children after separation.
Spousal Support: Spousal Support, sometimes called alimony in other jurisdictions, is a right of many partners after the breakdown of a spousal relationship.  We support our clients in obtaining or paying the fair amount of spousal support considering all factors.
Support Variations:  As residence and/or financial arrangements of separated parents change, there is often the need for support to be varied.  We assist clients in determining the fair amount of support and ensure that it is paid and received.
Division of Property:  Upon separation following marriage, division of property or Equalization of Net Family Property is a right of the parties.  We assist parties in coming to a fair resolution with respect to an appropriate division.
Custody: Child custody is one of the most important aspects of family law because it addresses the needs of a young person.  The best interests of the child are intended to be the primary factor when considering any custody arrangement.  Clearly, in order to determine the best interests of the child, many indicators must be considered such as housing, schooling, financial resources, family support systems, stability, etc.
Matrimonial Home: When a married couple is separating, they must determine whether one or the other will remain in the matrimonial home or if it will be sold.  There are certain rights to possession and occupancy of a matrimonial home for married partners.
Trials:  When a family matter cannot be resolved through other means, court may be necessary.  The family court process assists parties to resolve without the need for trial.  For those occasions when trial in required, our litigation counsel will assist.

Wills and Estate:

Wills:  A will is an extremely important document and assists those we leave behind with the administration of your estate.  It is not necessary to be rich to need a will.  They are an important document to make your wishes known and are of particular importance to parents of your children as they address your choice of guardian in the case of your passing.
Power of Attorney for Property:  This powerful document is a must for all adults and can be used during period of incapacity or simply because it is difficult or inconvenient to attend to your financial affairs personally.
Power of Attorney for Personal Care: This important document is often referred to as a Living Will and instructs the appointed person on health and medical matters and provides the appointee with the decision making authority should you require medical treatment and not be able to speak for yourself.
Probate and Administration of Estates:  Many estates require a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, often referred to as Probate or Estate Administration. This process verifies the Will and protects the Trustee (also known as Executor) and beneficiaries by ensuring that there are no conflicts before the estate is completed.
Estate Litigation:  When Trustees or beneficiaries cannot agree on an interpretation of a Will, there is sometimes need for court intervention.  Our litigation lawyer will guide you through the process and ensure your rights are protected


Dispute Resolution Services:  Our civil litigation counsel negotiates to seek a fair result without the need for expensive court proceedings where possible. Use of negotiation between counsel, four-way meetings and mediation can assist parties to avoid  the need for a trial
General Civil Litigation:  When court is required, our litigation counsel assists clients to evaluate their case and to proceed, when appropriate, to pursue their fair remedy through the courts.Small Claims CourtOn smaller matters, our litigation counsel will assist clients with preparation and legal advice relating to their small claims matter

Corporate Law:

Federal and Provincial Incorporations:  Our corporate lawyer will prepare all necessary documentation to create your corporation.
Negotiating and drafting of commercial, retail and office leases:  Our corporate counsel will assist landlords and tenants with their commercial tenancy needs.
Advising landlords with respect to lease enforcement:  Unfortunately, all tenancy arrangements do not go well.  In these cases, our counsel will assist parties to achieve a fair result.
Sale of Business: Our counsel will assist with the purchase or sale of ongoing businesses.
Share Transfer:  When corporations change partial or full ownership, we will assist with the proper transfer of shares and guide the client through the process of establishing a new governing body.

Employment Law:

Employment Contracts:  Glover & Associates assists clients in the preparation and negotiation of employment contracts.
Employment related Sexual Harassment:  When an employee has been sexually harassed, our counsel will pursue the employer for appropriate remedies.
Employment related Human Rights Violations:  Our lawyers work with the client and the Human Rights Commission to ensure that employees are treated fairly.
Severance Packages:  The lawyers at Glover & Associates will provide an opinion on severance packages that result from termination of employment.
Wrongful Dismissal:  When an employee is wrongfully dismissed, we will seek appropriate compensation for them through negotiated settlement or, when necessary, the court process.

General Services:

Notary & Commissioning Services:  These services are available to clients on short notice for a modest fee.
Statutory Declarations:  These documents relate to various aspects of life and our staff are available to review and witness various forms of declarations.
Travel Letters for Children:  In order for a child to travel out of Canada without one or both parents, they will be required to have a signed consent letter.  Our staff will draft your letter to ensure border compliance and a lawyer will notarize it for full security.
Contract Review:  Our lawyers have experience in the review of various contracts.  Our review will assist with the enforceability of the contract.
Immigration Invitation Letters:  Travel into Canada from many countries requires a sworn invitation letter.  We will review your information to draft a letter that will assist with this process.
Affidavits:  There are various reasons for needing an affidavit .  We can draft the document or simply commission your document for you.

If you do not see a description of the area of law that you require, please ask.

Keywords: Drafting Agreements

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