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By: Trentwusc  09-12-2011
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WUSC at Trent University is very excited to announce that we succeeded in getting enough votes in last week’s . Not only did we receive enough votes, but we surpassed our target of 700! The more than 1000 signatures collected came from Trent University students who support the Local Committee’s on-going efforts to sponsor two students next academic year. Thanks to all those who signed the petition and those hard-working members who accepted responsibility for collecting signatures. We could not have done it without you! Drawing from the success of this petition, we can now move forward to the next stage – that is, campaigning for the levy increase in the March 2010 elections. Our strategy for the campaign will be discussed in the next to be held at 5:00pm on Friday, January 29th, in room 208 of LEC. General meetings are intended for all local committee members and prospective members are invited to attend.

WUSC at Trent University is one of the levy groups on the Trent University campus. What this means is that our organization “[receives] direct funding from a student fee that is charged to each full-time undergraduate student with their tuition and ancillary fees” (ref. ). Funding from the levy goes toward assisting the within WUSC at Trent University in sponsoring a new student every year. During the TCSA elections in March 2010, the local committee hopes to request an increase in the levy so that we can sponsor two students for the next academic year. If successful, two students from countries abroad will have the opportunity to obtain a tertiary-level education in Canada. However, as with all requests of this nature, the TCSA needs to see that a certain proportion of the student body agree with this levy increase prior to funds being collected. Here is where we need your help.

Between now and Thursday, January 21st, WUSC members will be going around to collect signatures from students. Should we collect 700 signatures we will be eligible to make a levy request during the March 2010 elections. As a Trent University student, we hope you will support us after witnessing all of the great things that WUSC and its partner organizations are doing through education.

Here are a few things you should know before providing your signature:

  1. WUSC at Trent University’s levy is non-refundable,
  2. Only full-time undergraduate Trent University students can sign,
  3. Student information is cross-checked with current enrollment register,
  4. Students cannot sign more than once.

Also be reminded that we will also appreciate your vote for the levy increase at the March 2010 elections. Thank you!

The news about the devastating earthquake in Haiti that took place on the evening of Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, in the region near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, has been flooding media headlines for the past few days. This unfortunate tragedy, which has claimed the lives of countless individuals, is a sad reality for everyone. In response, many countries in the immediate region and around the world have volunteered and donated a tremendous amount of resources focused on rescue efforts. While some of us may not be traveling to Haiti to assist the relief effort, we can still assist financially. You have probably encountered a variety of ways in which you can send a donation to help. If you have not already heard, however, the CECI has also established an Emergency Haiti Campaign. It is just another means through which your contribution can go towards to this nation.

This update is intended for informational purposes only and does not necessarily reflect a preference by WUSC at Trent University or WUSC in general in these relief efforts. You are free to donate to any organization of your choice and are encouraged to first consider those within your community or with whom you are most familiar. Please also continue to pray for the families who have lost loved ones.

WUSC at Trent University would like to wish you a Merry Christmas for 2009. Remember, this is the season to spend time with family and friends. If you will be traveling around this time, please be safe. If you will not be able to visit your family during this Christmas, try locating some friends who would be more than happy to invite you to their homes. Remember to get lots of rest because the new semester, with all of its heavy demands, is right around the corner. WUSC will also need your energy and enthusiasm during next year’s activities. Again, Merry Christmas! We look forward to seeing you in 2010!

In other news, the WUSC at Trent University website is undergoing some changes as you probably noticed. Nothing is complete as yet, but everything should be done before the end of January 2010. A few of the changes include improved loading speed, better content layout and better visual appeal.

World AIDS Day is an opportunity for people around the world to learn about how AIDS is affecting those around us. It is also an occasion for us to honor the heroes who are struggling to resist, survive and overcome AIDS, especially in places like Africa. invites us to share in their celebration of World AIDS Day through an exciting social evening featuring live Canadian and African musical performances, dance, food, drinks, prizes and a silent auction! If you will be in Toronto or the GTA on Friday, December 4th, you are invited to support this wonderful initiative. Proceeds go toward the CAP AIDS Vocational & Employment Skills Training Program benefiting AIDS-orphaned youth in Ethiopia and Uganda. See the for more details.

Keywords: General Meetings

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One of them was breaking our user registrations which, although could have been transferred, would have been quite difficult to re-establish with our new system. This is a general reminder to all committee coordinators that your committee’s TrentWUSC webmail account has still not been claimed. Please note that after completing the registration form you will be e-mailed your username, password and an activation link.


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Join the Trent chapter of WUSC this Friday, March 14th, at 4:00pm in GCS114 as we celebrate World Water Day with a FREE film and presentation on access to clean water and sanitation. The Meeting had a casual tone, where a group interested students were able to meet the current executive members of WUSC. At Trent University held a General Meeting in the Morton Reading Room at Champlain college on Monday.


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The Services are a group of online applications that WUSC at Trent University committee executives can use in their day-to-day WUSC-related tasks. In the event that you encounter any difficulties with a particular feature or are having problems, send an e-mail to with ‘[SUPPORT TICKET]‘in the subject line.


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The Chair, Secretary, Committee Coordinators and the entire WUSC at Trent University Local Committee would like to thank Michel Tapiero for being our speaker during the World Water Day Symposium and also all those who helped out in some way to make the event possible, including those who just attended.


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The more than 1000 signatures collected came from Trent University students who support the Local Committee’s on-going efforts to sponsor two students next academic year. If you hold an executive position within the Local Committee, you are expected and encouraged to attend this very important meeting. We are sorry for the short notice, but a lot of important things have to be discussed so we can get an early start on the campaign.


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Local committee at Trent University, and about the other campaigns we will carry out this year, such as Her Challenge Your Challenge. The Meeting had a casual tone, where a group interested students were able to meet the current executive members of WUSC. Thanks to all the people and students who participated in our Buy Into Change: Ethical Purchasing Campaign.