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By: Teamcain  09-12-2011
Keywords: Greenhouse Gases, Output Management

The Transform and Create!form® suite of solutions are award winning output management, electronic distribution and process improvement tools. In use by over 5000 companies around the world, these solutions extend your ERP applications and are the engine for business process transformation.

  • Cut document delivery costs by $30,000 annually with e-delivery of only one of their documents to only 30% of their customers.
  • Saved 30% of the warehouse manager’s time by implementing an advanced pick slip printing process… and dramatically reduced errors.
  • Achieved a 64% one year and 347% three year Return on Investment
  • ..and of course give you intelligent, great looking forms while reducing your dependency on custom programming!


The output management solutions allow you to:

  • Simply yet powerfully design your output.
  • Store exact copies of your documents in a full text searchable archive, available internally and externally via web pages.

Whichever business engine/ERP you are using… Transform should be your answer for extending your business processes.

The Green advantage

Our clients are improving their businesses and their bottom line, and extending their green and sustainable initiatives with the Bottomline solutions. The savings and benefits are derived from:

  • Eliminating internal copies of documents and forms, by storing them and having them accessed electronically.
  • Even just the efficient use of print “real estate” by the built in compression capabilities of Create!form can reduce the number of pages of print used … we have seen up to 80% reduction in some cases.
  • Every 1000 pages of printing not done equates to about 37 pounds of paper not used, and nearly 4.5 tons of greenhouse gases avoided.


TeamCain Create!form Customer Comments

“Our payback has been great, and we are certainly looking forward to extending the use of the solution going forward. Create!form allows us to solve business issues and output formatting and distribution in ways that were just not possible otherwise. We are extremely satisfied.”

“We could not be happier with both Create!form as a software solution and TeamCain as our partner. Both have delivered higher value than we expected – and we have high expectations. We wish all our technology solutions and partners worked as well.”

“TeamCain’s understanding of both Create!form and EnterpriseOne were key for us. They spotted issues with our implementation, on the fringes of what they were doing with Create!form, that saved us from encountering some real problems. They understand business processes, and how to make them more effective with Create!form. They contributed greatly to our project – they handled their side of things with professionalism, diligence and speed. The value of Create!form, and the assistance from TeamCain, will be providing benefits to us for years to come.”

"While the objectives were clear, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I engaged TeamCain to implement Create!form as part of our Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation project. To say we were pleasantly surprised would be a major understatement. They understand not only Create!form but also business processes and how to greatly enhance them. The ways that we have added value and efficiencies to our business with Create!form would make a long list! I can’t imagine implementing Dynamics AX without Create!form, and I can’t imagine implementing Create!form without TeamCain. They truly represent all that you want in a partner – knowledge, partnership and a strong customer focus. I would highly recommend both Create!form and TeamCain."

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Keywords: Greenhouse Gases, Output Management

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