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By: Success Consulting  09-12-2011
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    The Performance Workshops

1) The Performance Workshop: The core motivation program for anyone who wants to achieve greater results. This is the Goal Setting Master class, whatever you want to achieve whether it be greater sales or a more effective team, this is the course for you and your company. The workshop looks at the area of conditioning, and how all of us have been conditioned to think in a certain manner. It is often this thinking that limits our performance, and stops us from achieving personal and company goals.

The workshop shows a delegate how to strip away incorrect conditioning, and shows them that they do in fact have masses of potential.

Company and personal goals will now seem achievable.

1b) The Executive Development workshop: Get more from your executive team, more vision and enthusiasm. Based on the principles of the Performance workshop, this workshop goes deeper into the area of leadership development - watch your executive team take off after this workshop.

2) Effective Telemarketing: Using the telephone to promote your business, the course covers initial calling scripts, building Rapport, dealing with objections, and closing the call.

3) Sales Leads Generation: (where do they come from, how do we use them) - The Generators, focusing on several methods of lead generation, which are generic for any industry.

4) Building a great team: Refreshing your teams and making them an effective force for your company, the course also looks at developing vision values with the team, as well as the company as a whole.

5) Customer retention: how to keep your clients and customers happy (Member experience)

6) Effective cold calling - A Business 2 Business (B2B) workshop for your sales team for them to see the value of cold calling in generating new leads and opportunities for your company.


Motivation and Inspiration as far as I am concerned are commodities that are now in demand more than ever before.

Now, when organizations are undergoing changes and meeting adversity, now is the time to awaken the spirit and spur the resilience of the individual and the organization as a whole. For the motivational speaker that takes pride in his charter and purpose; now is the time to delivers strong messages, reminding corporate or otherwise audiences that the true strength is always to be found within rather than without; that adversity is a sign of a time yet succumbing to circumstances or rising above them is a matter of choice and that responsibility yields power.

To be a motivational speaker means to be a messenger of empowerment, spurring the human spirit and awakening the greatest that is to be found in each of us. A true motivational speaker is one that lives their messages as oppose to putting an act for the audiences. Motivational speaking is not a trade that can be learnt, for it is not the words that make the difference but rather the person uttering them.

I've delivered seminars and speeches to a vast variety of organizations teams and businesses. You may be looking to achieve a specific goal, but Human Beings perform better and stronger from a positive message than a negative one.

Speaking engagements for seminars can be arranged for 15 minutes up to two hours. I will work round any budget that you have in place.

Keywords: Performance Workshop