Video & Audio QoE (Quality of Experience

By: Mixed Signals  09-12-2011
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Video & Audio Quality of Experience

No longer an option, multichannel service providers must provide exceptional video and audio quality to subscribers. Competition is at an all-time high giving subscribers in every market the option to choose their television provider. Service providers cannot afford to introduce poor quality channels or other service offerings to subscribers for fear of costly churn.

Mixed Signals offers best-in-class monitoring solutions to provide you with the confidence and service assurance you need to ensure you are providing the best possible video and audio quality to your subscribers, while keeping your operational costs low.

Video and Audio QoE Scoring System

The Video and Audio Quality of Experience (QoE) scores serve as an indication of the satisfaction level of the TV viewer.
The scores are based on human perceptual analysis of hundreds of audio and video PIDs (in monitored programs) simultaneously in real time. Should issues such as temporarily frozen video, tiling/macro‐blocking, audio disruptions, etc., affect the quality of the viewers’ TV viewing experience, the score is reduced.

The magnitude and duration of the score reduction is based on an analysis that includes the position of the error on a viewer’s screen, the duration of any reduction in quality and the frequency that quality issues occur on a program. The system models these results based on the average TV viewer’s reaction into an easy to understand, continuously graphed Audio/Video QoE score chart.

All QoE scores less than 100 on a program indicate that video and audio problems are degrading the actual viewing experience for the viewer. The worse the subscriber experience is, the lower the score becomes.

Reason Codes

Keywords: service providers, Video

Other products and services from Mixed Signals


Network IP Statistics

Perform root cause analysis on the IP network by using built-in analysis tools and historical reporting to correlate IP anomalies with occurrences of other problems such as discontinuities, audio silence, video freeze alerts, etc. IP Statistics provides a historical graphical report on the entire IP video network that includes the types of issues and information on what the subscriber impact was for any network issue.


Advanced Reporting

Mixed Signals’ source to edge monitoring solution provides unprecedented insight and accuracy into the service quality at all locations, from the main and secondary headends, to hub sites. In addition, since these reports are all event based and actionable, service providers can identify and isolate the root cause of an issue in almost real time.


MPEG Transport

Mixed Signals provides the industry’s most granular frame-by-frame analysis of the MPEG transport stream and scalability to monitor hundreds of channels simultaneously. Mixed Signals monitoring solutions perform deep inspection of every packet in real-time, simultaneously across hundreds of channels and programs.



With an expert team centered on developing best-in-class monitoring solutions, Mixed Signals constantly releases exciting new features that address the dynamic and changing requirements of today’s digital networks. M ixed Signals offers a full range of monitoring solutions to support even the most advanced digital networks. Our goal is to make cost-effective solutions and ensure our customers’ return on investment is significant.


Audio Level Monitoring

Monitoring and reporting on audio volume level issues helps providers address the common problem that exists with varying volume levels on different channels (evident when the viewer changes channels) or during commercial inserts. Mixed Signals audio level monitoring solution provides multichannel video service providers with the ability to monitor all of their programs and all of their channels in real time for any audio volume discrepancies.