By: Labotix  09-12-2011

Our Product Line

The centerpiece of the Labotix product line is the Rapid Response Universal Specimen Handling (RRUSH®) system. RRUSH is an open automation solution that contains all of the components necessary to automate today’s clinical lab. The system’s purpose is to transport and sort specimen tubes and deliver them to appropriate analysis or storage areas, ready for processing.

The Labotix system is a configuration of automated modules interconnected through a transport system which is capable of rapid and efficient processing of specimens throughout the clinical laboratory. The track-based conveyor system, with bar code and/or radio frequency identification (RFID) capability, transports specimens in test tubes to the required analyzers for testing. Along the way, tube caps are removed, aliquotting is performed to divide specimens into multiple sibling tubes, tests are completed by analyzers, certain tubes are taken off-line for testing in other departments, caps are replaced, and tubes are placed in storage. All of these steps are completely automated and driven by and monitored by the company’s advanced software controllers.