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Keywords: philosophy

Broadview Press :: Independent academic publishers since 1985 :: Philosophy :: There Are Two Errors in the the Title of This Book - Revised and Expanded (Again)

As this book richly and entertainingly demonstrates, philosophy is as much the search for the right questions as it is the search for the right answers. Robert M. Martin's popular collection of philosophical puzzles, paradoxes, jokes, and anecdotes is updated and expanded in this third edition, with dozens of new entries.


"In this delightful little book Bob Martin has made philosophy both exciting and fun. I've recommended earlier editions to all my first-year students, and I've gifted it to people aged 12 to 80. Everyone loves it. Philosophy is a collection of puzzles, and Martin covers pretty much all of them, in digestible snippets. If one doesn't grab you, there'll be ten more that do." – Paul Viminitz, University of Lethbridge

"I've used this book in teaching Critical Thinking, but really it's for me. It's useful and fun, and it reminds me why I love philosophy.” – Ben Caplan, Ohio State University

"A wonderful book. Martin presents a wealth of puzzles, paradoxes and jokes, more than ever before, in this new and updated third edition. Frequently these raise significant philosophical issues, which are thus introduced in a natural and interesting way. This is a superb text for stimulating students’ interest and showing them how much sheer fun can be had from doing philosophy." – Adam Rieger, University of Glasgow

Comments on the previous edition:

"Demonstrates in interesting ways the connections between these puzzles and the great issues that philosophers have debated." – Peter van Inwagen, Syracuse University

"It will serve as an irresistible enticement to philosophical reflection." – Geoffrey Sayre-McCord, University of North Carolina

Robert M. Martin is Professor of Philosophy (retired), Dalhousie University.


About This Book

Chapter 1: Differences That Make No Difference

Chapter 2: God

Chapter 3: Taking Chances

Chapter 4: Making Choices: Decision Theory

Chapter 5: Logic

Chapter 6: Belief, Logic, and Intentions

Chapter 7: Good and Bad Reasoning

Chapter 8: Learning From Experience

Chapter 9: Knowing Without Experience

Chapter 10: Thinking, Saying, and Meaning: The Philosophy of Mind and of Language

Chapter 11: Here and Now; You and I

Chapter 12: Why Should I Be Moral?

Chapter 13: How To Think Morally

Chapter 14: Moral Conundrums

Chapter 15: Law, Action, and Responsibility

Chapter 16: Deep Thoughts

Keywords: philosophy

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