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By: Axiom News  09-12-2011

The Greatest Way to Create Your Story

If your organization is driven to make a difference, is strengths based, and democratic, or moving in those directions, your story is one that ought to define your future, and the future. Your story is news, and you have the means to spread your news.

That’s where we come in. We are the people who make your news become the story of the day. First we set up a news team just to serve your organization, your mission and your mandate. We set up space on your net sites and design your story-circulating pubs, apps and devices.

Then we get down to story-sharing business.

Through an appreciative eye we suss out stories of strengths and successes working in the direction of your dreams . . .

Our Generative Journalists interview your grassroots newsmakers and write stories bringing their contributions to light. They post stories every day about the good things happening, how they came to be, and how more of it might be made to happen.

Our Curators work with those in your community who are producing their own content, blogs, videos, podcasts, blogs, and tweets.  We connect with and co-create media with them to share and advance your shared aspirations.

Our Social Media Activists reach out to your social media community and work with them to discover new possibilities, share stories, and build referrals.

Our Presentation and Circulation team creates and maintains a collection of news sharing vehicles best suited to you. Web developers, designers, print and electronic newsletter editors, mobile appers, ebook writers, RSS feed managers, headline optimizers, story pitchers, and list managers tend to the tricky business of reaching your tribe in the fast-moving world of how people get their news.

Our Meaning Makers work with your leaders to contribute a vision-voice to your news story. They will ghost-write, team write, consensus edit, coordinate bloggers of choice, cajole, Q & A interview, whatever it takes to make sure those busy people with a bird’s eye view make an engaging contribution to the co-creation of your organization’s story.

All together it’s a totally cool, ready-to-go, out-of-the box, plug-and-play, engaging and invigorating paradigm-busting way to communicate that delivers transformative experience. Sound fun?

You can learn more by visiting our Stakeholder News pages and read about how journalism, marketing and communications are fusing together in new ways.

You can call Peter Pula to chat about how Axiom News might serve you in any or all of the ways shared above. He can be reached at 705-741-4421 ext. 28

You can write to to receive a more detailed explanation of the services you can access.