By: Sellwood Paralegal  09-12-2011


Claims Court

Whether you are thinking of starting a law suit or you are the one being sued, Sellwood Paralegal offers affordable representation for all small claims court matters. Under many circumstances, you pay little or even nothing until your matter is settled!


Are your tenants not paying their rent? Is your landlord not living up to his or her responsibilities? Sellwood Paralegal specializes in landlord and tenant matters, offering a wide spectrum of options for both tenants and landlords.

Traffic Tickets

So, you thought you shouldn’t worry about that little speeding ticket. However, what about the next one? It’s easy for anyone to get a traffic ticket.  Nobody’s perfect, right? Well, what about the huge increase in insurance premiums? A ticket doesn’t mean that you are automatically guilty. Call us now to see how we can help with your traffic tickets and ask about the Sellwood Paralegal REAL guarantee.

Investment Properties

Have a house or cottage that you always wanted to make money from? Or, are you thinking about getting into the rental housing market? We can walk you through the whole process. Sellwood Paralegal is affiliated with many of the top real estate lawyers and realtors in our area. We offer plans that allow you to do as much or as little as you want. Full service plans cover everything from maintenance to advertising and legal fees. Call us anytime to discuss your options.