Advanced & Affordable Content Management: Cymplicity Software Services

By: The Business Machine  09-12-2011

Web Site Design

A professional identity for your company is absolutely necessary. How many companies have you seen that "look small" because their Web site looks amateurish.

Our exceptionally creative designers will create a professional and unique site design specifically for you. We work with you through each design step, providing you with proof-of-design images until you are happy with the look, feel and personality of your site. We'll then develop the template and "drop" it on top of the Cymplicity™ engine, making it available for content migration.

Custom Application / Module Development

OK. Cymplicity comes with so much power right out of the box, its perfect for many organizations. But then again, there's many of you out there who need more power and more modules. Cymplicity again rises to the occasion through its underlying code base and architectural platform.

The developers of Cymplicity knew that we would have to offer custom applications on top of our standard functionality. In response, a clever approach was developed to allow easy customization of Cymplicity's functions, without disrupting or involving or core architecture.

The result is fast and inexpensive deployment for custom modules that "plug-in" to standard Cymplicity and provide the exact performance you expect.

Don't be bashful - if there's something you're looking for that you don't already see, just ask. We've probably already done it before, and if not, the cost involved to develop and implement will pleasantly surprise you!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let's get something out there right from the start about search engine placement. There is no "magic bullet" to achieve better rankings. If a Web consulting firn says they can improve your search engine placement immediately, or guarantees top position, run for the hills.  Instead, let us work with you to build a safe and effective SEO strategy combining the advanced Cymplicity™ features with other good practices to give you the results you're looking for.

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Advanced & Affordable Content Management: Cymplicity Software Licensing Options

Cymplicity™ for Specialized Information Publishers - Integrated with CWC Software's "Quickfill Internet Extensions" to allow seamless access to content through the Quickfill Subscription Management System. Cymplicity™ MCO – offering our powerful "Spawn-a-Site" technology for multi-chaptered organizations (we define MCO's as large associations, multi-autonomous division companies, government organizations).