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By: Surface Innovation  09-12-2011
Keywords: Architecture

SandFlex « Surface Innovation

Our exciting range of products now includes one of the most unique and innovative surface products in recent memory; SandFlex – a thin and very flexible sandstone veneer sheet. Nature has given us exquisite beauty to enjoy, and with 17 striking colours from across the colour palette, you will not believe such a range of colours and textures is now available in a flexible SandStone sheet.  Designers, architects, commercial builders, developers and home owners will visualize an endless supply of creative applications. The thin veneer and light weight opens a whole NEW range of applications for Sandstone.
The fabulous colours and textures have been arranged into 4 distinctive Collections – each reflecting a unique area of Italy.  Review these unique collections and bring nature’s palette to your design dreams.

Tuscan Collection

Full of rustic charm, the palette comes from the sun-filled meadows, gently rolling hills and colourful dawns. It mimics the life of rural Italy – carefree, relaxed, and friendly.

Venetian Collection

Venice, the romantic island city, is legendary for its classical influences. Venetian style comprises layering and blending colours to achieve a glowing richness, turning your thoughts to the quiet, elegant and unique.  SandFlex Venetian collection – savour the rich and elegant textures of this timeless colour palette.

Milano Collection

Milan, the first city that comes to mind when you think of fashion, design and architecture. This city has a rich cultural heritage and legacy displaying a fusion of classical architecture and contemporary design. The Milano collection brings together the textures of the old, and cool colour palette of the contemporary.

Calabria Collection

Southern Italy, known for its rugged cliffs, sandy beaches and craggy mountains is where this palette draws its rugged texture and earthy colours.

Technical Parameters:
Roll size (depending on colour): 50” x 102” (1270 x 2590 mm) 47″ x 106″ (1190 x 2690 mm) or 39” x 106” (990 x 2690 mm)
Weight:  approximately ½ to ¾ lbs per sq. ft.
Adhesives:  SandFlex should be applied using a water based dispersion adhesive. The Adhesive product needs to be white in colour and stain free.
Cutting:   SandFlex can be cut using utility knife or hand snips.
Sealer:  SandFlex comes pre-primed with a stone sealer to protect from moisture and contamination.

Keywords: Architecture

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Installation « Surface Innovation

Take care that you are not pushing your rollertoo heavily or you will force the adhesive out around the edges.SlateFlex may be butt together or you can createa tiled look by leaving a grout joint between the sheets. Additional installation tools required: Smooth Trowel or putty knife, 1/8 or 3/16” Notched Trowel,Rubber Covered Veneer Roller, NIOSH/MSHA approved respirator, Eye protection.