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By: Choicewebservices  09-12-2011
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If you’re looking for a results-oriented SEO company that can actually increase your local rankings and website traffic, we should be at the top of your list.  As you may know, ranking in the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is not an easy task.  Many companies sell search engine marketing, but most of them don’t even rank for any competitive terms.  Shouldn’t a company that claims to SEO your site rank for at least 1 or 2 of its main terms?

Sometimes what you do is just as important as what you don’t do.  There are several outdated techniques that many companies still use today.  Not only are some of these tactics useless, but some can actually hurt your chances for ranking or even cause a penalty.  With several years’ experience across dozens of industries, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work.

Here are some more details about the services we offer:

Keyword Research – Start With the Right Keywords

A local marketing campaign can be doomed from the start if you choose the wrong keywords.  Many companies still get keyword research wrong.  When researching keywords, we believe you should look at Exact and Phrase match numbers much more closely than Broad match numbers.  Broad match numbers are often much larger than Exact match numbers so many firms will use them to help inflate their estimates.  “Look how much traffic you’ll get when you use our service!” So, instead of realistic numbers that Exact match provides, you’ll often receive pie-in-the-sky numbers due to ignorance and an over-reliance on Broad match.

Onsite Optimization – A Strong Foundation Makes Ranking Easier

If you’re website is not setup in a way that makes it easy for search engines to find your content and navigate your site, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage right from the start.  You could have the best backlinks, but if you’re website is horrible, you’re probably not going to rank well.

Do the wrong things onsite and you could pay dearly.  Many potential clients contact me for proposals, and when I review their site, I see that their last company created “optimized” pages or content to help them rank better.  Most of the time these turn out to be very low quality pages or repetitive content that are just created for search engine spiders.  The problem is that sometimes these types of tricks work in the short term, but could really hurt your progress for the long term.

We will evaluate your website for any existing problems as well as offer solutions that will improve your site’s authority for a given topic.

Link Building and Offsite Optimization – Some of the Biggest Factors in Your Site’s Rankings

Search engines consider a link to your site similar to the way a vote signals endorsement.  If a site links to your site, especially if that site or page is relevant to your site, then that link, or ‘vote’, will help increase your ranking.  It will help even more so if that site that links to you is trusted by the search engine and if the link has anchor text related to the keyword you want to rank for.

We offer various types of link building services for our clients, but our main focus is on relevance and unique content.

Social Media – Interact with Your Market

Social media, when used properly, can help you attract new clients and interact with existing customers in a very positive way.  Social sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as social news sites are great ways to increase your online presence and are very complementary to better organic rankings.

Get Results – Here’s Some Proof

I’m not a huge fan of sharing my clients’ results.  Why not? As I’m sure you know, ranking in Google is a competitive undertaking.  If I just list my clients here with their company url’s, my competitors (or theirs) can try to reverse engineer my results.  Even with that sort of analysis, only an elite professional would have a chance of duplicating my efforts since I’m very careful about not leaving tracks about how I get my rankings.  That being said, below are few rankings for my site (Magic Wall Wraps). The majority of my clients are experiencing similar, if not better, results from my SEO services. The actual ranking if you go ahead and search today may be slightly up or down, since rankings do tend to fluctuate a little bit.

Keywords: search engines

Other products and services from Choicewebservices


bing and yahoo

Marketing Local Strategy offersEffective and affordable Local Google Yahoo and Bing Optimization services as well as local mobile optimization in Boise, Idaho and across the US. The Local Google Yahoo and Bing optimization process has taken a dramatic turn in the last couple of months due to how the search engines display their search listings.


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Your products, offers, promotions and events will each benefit from becoming more visible, more viral and more successful, with users not having to leave Facebook to Browse, Rate, Review, Share, Like, add to their Wishlists and even have a product-specific Chat with their friends.


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Ranking organically in Google and other search engines is something everyone would like, but sometimes all you need is an optimized Google Places listing. We’ve seen improvements on a few listings going from no exposure to showing up in the A, B, or C position for many highly searched, related terms. Optimized Google Place listings can be a major way to market your business and is usually much more cost effective than traditional SEO rankings.


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Choice Web Services makes sure your content is relevant and engaging so your viewers keep coming back for more. Your video will be delivered in swf, fla, wmv, or .mov file extensions and in of 4:3 or 16:9 formats. Choice Web Services only uses current and cutting edge web video editing service technology. Video marketing offers a unique opportunity to connect to potential customers. We are certified Final Cut Pro.



You may not understand the nuts and bolts of what we do, but you will understand the concept and that it works. Our Referral Explosion program will increase your customer retention rate 300%. Our core focus is on Local SEO and business development. 100 Google™ Local Ads Credit AND 50 Google +1 Ratings. We offer our basic local leads generation program.


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Choice Web Services’ design and development team has the right mix of creativity, technical expertise and intellect and is capable of delivering professional design services. We excel in custom designing and use the latest Macromedia tools to make the site dynamic and a reflection of your business. It needs to be smart and appealing to make an impression on the viewer. Text and graphics perfectly complement each other.