The Christian’s Daily Planner 2012

By: Hendrickson Publishers  09-12-2011

Now you can stay organized and on-track both with day-to-day tasks and in your spiritual life.

This daily planner has unique features including special sections for notations of church announcements and prayer requests, sermon notes, and daily devotions. Monthly articles on spiritual growth start off each month and each spread contains an inspiring weekly quote about living the Christian life.

Sample articles include:
• Your Spiritual Growth Plan by John Ortberg
• Keeping the Sabbath Holy by Lauren F. Winner
• Spiritual Formation Agenda by Richard Foster
• “Wasting Time” with God by Cindy Crosby
• Seeds of Change by Nancy Ortberg
and more

Special Features
• 12 monthly articles
• Over 100 weekly quotes
• Special sections for church announcements, prayer requests, sermon notes, and daily devotions
• “Month-at-a-Glance” feature allows users to see the big picture, as well as “month behind” and “month ahead” references
• Bleed-edge tabs make it easy to find each month
• Spiral binding with flexisoft cover
• Holidays listed
• Front and back pockets
• Elastic band closure

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