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By: Eucalan  09-12-2011

Clothing emergencies happen frequently when you are on the road and away from the conveniences of home.  Lint rollers don’t exactly fit neatly in your pocket and stripping off your shirt in the washroom to try to remove that stain from lunch time might attract unwanted attention.  That’s where Eucalan’s lint removers and wipes come in to play.

Keep these handy items in your car, laptop bag, purse or at the office.  You will easily look neat and professional, ready for anything that comes your way.

Lint Remover Sheets
Ultra convenient, lint removers.  Perfect for your purse, car, or office.  Simply peel off the back and then pat it on your garment to remove unwanted lint, dandruff, or hair.  
20 sheets per packet.  Packets are assembled 2 to a bag.
Eucalan Stain Treating Towlettes
Eucalan saturated towelettes, individually packaged for your On The Go emergencies.  Simply blot or rub the wipe on the affected spot as soon as possible for stain treating and garment freshening.

NEW  Eucalan's Getaway Gang
Eucalan's Getaway Gang is a travel essential for garment care.  The clear zip bag made of durable eco-lite vinyl is packed with items to keep your garments in great shape while you're away from home.  Just toss it into your luggage while you're packing.

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What scent should I use

When to use Excellent for wool and other natural fibresGreat for synthetic fibres tooBefore storing garments away for any period of timeWashing pets, their bedding, or blankets Excellent for lingerie and sports wearA nice scent for baby items like plush toys, blankies, and bedding.


FAQs | Eucalan

For wool - Rinsing is okay if done carefully but we suggest you add a few drops of Eucalan to the rinse water to achieve the benefit of the essential oil and the lanolin. All other fabrics may be rinsed; rinse until the water runs clear. Eucalan is a low-sudsing agent and requires less rinsing. Is Eucalan safe to use on lingerie.