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By: Nature'smate Distribution  09-12-2011
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Helps neutralize odours caused by organic waste and animals. Stink Stopper is not a masking agent and doesn't just cover up bad smells, but destroys them at their source..instantly. Stink Stopper deodorizes, is non-toxic and biodegradable containing natural tea tree oils, which leave behind a lovely fresh, smell. Fantastic in the Outhouse, simply spray inside the pit and the odour is gone! Spray in and around garbage bins, over kitchen composting bins, in animal enclosures, kitty litter trays or anywhere your pet has had an 'accident'. Can be added to normal wash cycle to combat pet smells on clothing or animal bedding. Packed in convenient, ready to use trigger spray bottles.


Designed to maintain 'healthy' drains without the need for harsh acids and caustics. Nature'smate Drain Treatment works by "Eating Up" fats, grease, soap, scum, detergents, toilet paper etc. in the drain lines leading from kitchen or bathroom sinks, shower, bath, laundry or toilet, keeping your drain lines free flowing and odour free. Nature'smate Drain Treatment is simple to use and SAFE to humans, animals, plants and all plumbing and construction material. By using a little NATURE'SMATE DRAIN TREAMENT each month in drains it will prevent odours, stop blockages and prevent problems the safe, natural way.


Environmentally safe and an economical way to maintain a healthy, odour-free outhouse. This product reduces odours, reduces volume and mounding in the pit. Prolongs the life of the pit so that you do not have to relocate as often, and also discourages flies in the outhouse. Great for cottagers who would like to reduce the burden on their already over committed septic systems. With over 22O,000 cottagers in Ontario alone and the majority having an outhouse, NATURE'SMATE OUTHOUSE TREATMENT is the perfect answer to maintaining an environmentally friendly, healthy and happy outhouse! Simple to use and SAFE to humans, animals, plants, and all plumbing and construction material. Use this product in conjunction with NATURE'SMATE 'SENSATIONAL' STINK STOPPER and your outhouse problems are solved!


Keywords: drain, Organic Waste, Outhouse, safe

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