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By: Tmistudio  09-12-2011

The unique look of your Company logo should be integrated throughout all the elements of your business materials: business cards, stationery, packaging, signage, sales kits, media advertising, promotions, etc. A well-designed identity system lays out guidelines to ensure consistency. It should include, both color and black & white, possible paper selections for printing, layout and design of stationery and promotional materials, secondary logos or icons for web sites and packaging, etc.

A lot of new businesses eager to open often give little or no thought to their identity. With so much to get done, designing an appropriate Company logo hardly seems like a top priority. However, this oversight can prove to be a costly mistake in the long run.

A new business sometimes may compete with established companies. A professionally designed Company logo is one of the easiest ways to gain credibility and professionalism right from the start, when you need it most. A new business also can attract customers away from competitors. A distinctive Company logo stands out in people’s minds, and is much easier to remember than a name alone.

Established businesses can take advantage of these opportunities as well. A “new” design for your Company logo, or a re-design of an existing one can be part of a powerful introduction back to the competitive forefront of your industry and marketplace.

Eventually, the time will come when the need for a professional Company logo is evident. Having already begun to establish the presence of your company, you now risk diminishing your existing brand equity. Additional money will have to be spent to promote the change or introduction of your Company logo, in order to avoid loss of business due to confusion.

A professionally designed Company logo adds visual appeal to any document or web site and increases the impact of your promotional materials. Your Company logo designed by TMI STUDIO is an expense that will reap benefits for the life of your business. Think of the money that you will spend promoting your company. If your Company logo does not truly represent your company, you are spending money to project the wrong image, and you know image is very important. That’s why you are already spending a significant amount of money each month on office space, receptionists, advertising, business attire, presentations, lunches, etc. – all to make sure you project the right image. Having your Company logo designed is no place to stop promoting your Company.

The Company logo TMI Studio designs for you will not only provide the first impression of your company and a recognizable look to ads and products, your logo will be advertising for your company all the time. Everyplace it exists, people will see it–from signage to the bank teller who handles a company check. Your Company logo and identity are always working for you; make sure they are saying the right thing.

Surveys have shown that corporate image materials such as letterhead, envelopes, and business cards are more important to conveying a company’s prestige than how long your company has been in business, the location of your headquarters, charitable activities, or the number of employees. Only a company’s annual report conveys more prestige.

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