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By: Zen For You  09-12-2011

Bodybuilding can be defined as the pursuit of lean muscle mass.

In this day and age of fad diets and trendy diets and so on, it is important to note that bodybuilding involves a lifestyle. What is required is discipline, patience, persistence and consistency. All of these attributes are favorable and can lead one to success in not only physique goals, but also in personal and professional pursuits.

When an individual adopts bodybuilding as a lifestyle, the physique improvements can be maintained over the long term Proper protein intake will vary according to age, gender, goals and so on.

Features of the Weight/Muscle Gain Program:
(Personal Training Packages+ Nutrition Consultations recommended)

  • Regular, intense and goal-oriented training sessions combined with an intelligent approach to eating will promote the development of a muscular physique that most trainees desire.
  • A steady, consistent and daily approach will prevent the agony of short-term weight loss followed by a quick regain of weight and the accompanying depression and feeling of hopelessness.
  • Focusing not just on weight gain, but increasing the muscle percentage in the client’s body composition
  • Training and eating like a bodybuilder works, becomes habit-forming and eventually gives one a real sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Generally speaking, each meal should contain between 25-50 grams of protein. A rule of thumb is that a healthy male trying to promote lean muscle mass should ingest 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Therefore, if your body weight is 200 pounds, a daily intake of 300 grams of protein (6 meals with 50 grams of protein each) would be required. The key is that if you are training hard, you need protein.

Sources for protein include lean meats, fish, egg whites, low fat cottage cheese and whey protein. Avoid fatty meats and try to grill your meats and do not fry them in fat. Remember to include a protein selection at each meal.

When discussing carbohydrates, it is vital to distinguish between the different types of carbs. For this discussion we will identify 3 different types of carbs: complex carbs include potatoes, yams, bread, cereals, grains, pasta and rice; simple carbs include most fruit and veggie carbs which include most vegetables and leafy greens.

Fats are also a necessity but should come from the following sources: extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil, nuts (almonds are best) and fish oil.

  • Weight train
  • Eat more calories
  • Eat more proteins
  • Eat more often
  • Drink more water
  • Take a multivitamin
  • Take Antioxidants
  • Rest more often
  • Be consistent
  • Keep regular meal timings

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