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By: Workdynamics  09-12-2011
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ccmMercury is a workflow tracking application that strikes a “just right” balance between the flexibility needed to handle a broad range of tracking scenarios and the simplicity users need to be most productive.

ccmMercury enables users to track all the activities associated with a document and to see, at a glance, the complete status of the record and its workflow. The ccmMercury client software provides numerous useability features that save time and keystrokes for entering new records, assigning routing templates and running searches or reports. This makes the PC client version ideal for people in correspondence units, administrative support, and other areas where the goal is high volume and high productivity.

One Database – Your Choice of Clients

Choose an approach, or mix and match

clients to your needs.

ccmMercury gives you a choice of network applications:

    Both approaches use the same correspondence database, and both offer all the same functions. You can choose one or the other or whatever combination of both that will best meet the needs of each type of user within your organization.

    Other products include – a catalog for electronic forms that capture data for direct entry into the ccmMercury database; and – a service that allows the transfer of data from one ccmMercury database to another to share data between organizations.

    Key Benefits

    The benefits of ccmMercury are immediate and straightforward:

    • Faster Turnaround Time
      Handling correspondence electronically eliminates the time and effort wasted trying to locate physical files.
    • Accurate Metrics
      Providing extensive data collection and reporting allows managers to measure workloads, performance and the effect of changing resource levels or modifying processes.
    • Streamline Processes
      Identify and eliminate bottlenecks.
    • Reduce Costs
      Eliminate the need to store, copy and transport paper files.
    • Improve Departmental Effectiveness
      Ensure that work gets assigned to the person who can best handle it, regardless of where they are physically located.
    • Greater Consistency
      Use pre-defined workflows and standard “best practice” procedures.
    • Less Stress
      Provide up-to-date reporting on workloads and automatic escalation notifications of outstanding items that allow managers to be proactive in resolving problems before they explode into a crisis scenario.

    Key Features

    ccmMercury is a fourth-generation implementation that captures 20 years worth of refinements to the key features that matter most to our customers:

    • Fast Data Entry
      Carefully customizing calendars, the default values for fields, and the values in drop-down pick lists can eliminate many keystrokes and make the initial entry of correspondence into the ccmMercury database fast and painless.
    • Attach Any Type of File
      Any associated information – images, spreadsheets, web pages, emails, etc. – can be attached to the correspondence item for viewing and optional editing by anyone in the workflow routing.
    • One-Screen Status View
      The ccmMercury user interface shows all the essential information about an item of correspondence in a single view – including status, deadlines, attachments, comments and the routing.
    • Flexible Routing
      With one mouse click, an incoming letter can be assigned to the predefined routing that processes that type of correspondence. For non-standard exceptions, a unique routing can be quickly created or inserted into any point in an existing workflow. Each person in the routing can add comments or instructions for people further along in the process.
    • Full-Text Searching
      The powerful search capability can isolate any subset of records based on the content or the values in any field. Searches can be ad hoc or can be standard saved searches that show all records with a certain status, assigned to a specific person, and so on.

    Installation and Operation

    • Easy Installation and Training
      ccmMercury can be installed in a couple of days with default settings that meet the basic needs of most organizations. The product can be quickly customized to use your organization’s standard procedures and terminology, and a short training course will give the designated System Administrator all the knowledge needed to ensure you get maximum benefit from ccmMercury.
    • Easy Integration
      ccmMercury works and plays well with other systems, including document management and records management tools such as DOCS Open™, DM™, Foremost™ and iRIMS™.
    • Common Database and Administration
      WorkDynamics Technologies provides a suite of ccmMercury solutions that all interoperate on the same database server and are administered using the CCM Account Manager tool.

    Beyond Correspondence

Keywords: administrator, Data Entry, Productivity, System Administrator, Workflow Tracking

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ccmMercury from WorkDynamics - Correspondence Management and more - ccmEforms

Reduce Training Costs Allow users who know nothing about ccmMercury to invoke ccmMercury’s tracking and management of information. Reduce Costs Eliminate the extra data entry step required to get form-based information into ccmMercury. Audit Trail Original form information is preserved for audit trail and records management purposes. Global Access Online forms catalogue is available from anywhere in the network.


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While there are no limitations on the number of databases or users supported, it is limited to using one processor, 1 GB memory and 4 GB database files. Some of our clients work hard with a small staff, and don't have the time or the budget to invest in a wide-scale, highly-customized solution. You don't require a SQL Server or Oracle database -- ccmMercury SOS will install a SQL Server Express database for you.


ccmMercury from WorkDynamics - Correspondence Management and more

CcmMercury from WorkDynamics Technologies is the easiest solution to one of the most persistent organizational problems – tracking every piece of incoming and outgoing correspondence to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. With its service-oriented architecture, .NET-based development environment, and extensive configuration capabilities, business process applications can be developed and deployed more quickly and reliably than ever before.