Leadership Redefined ~ Reclaimed CD Collection Overview

By: Wel-systems Institute  09-12-2011

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Listen to a sample

"Edgy.. raw.. powerful!" “Riveting!”
“The information is awesome!”

These are just some of the comments as listeners begin to respond to this cutting-edge leadership conversation. Designed and facilitated by Louise LeBrun, a small group of women gathered to press the ed\ges.. their own, each others and those that bind the leadership conversation to its limiting past.

"There is no greater evidence of leadership than the quality of your own life."

This is not your standard conversation about leadership. Without answers and trusting the questions, we begin by redefining leadership before being willing to reclaim its expression in our lives. For far too long, leadership has been defined from the outside and worn like a cloak, rather than experienced from the inside and manifested as an expression of who we are.

No agenda, unscripted and
shaped by the people who dare to engage!

For four days, the leadership conversation moves from the intellect into the soul; from the head into the body; and from the past into the truth of the present, to access the power to design a new future.

Goes into the deeper, darker places
where our secrets take us hostage
and prevent us from living the life we desire.

Rather than stay to the well-worn, traditional path, this conversation delves into the areas that are at the root of who we have become and explores who else we are capable of becoming.

Edgy, irreverent and intense.. will keep you glued
to the exploration from start to finish.

In the voices of those in the retreat experience, you’ll hear your own fears; your concerns about the judgements of others; and your genuine desire to make a difference and contribute to your family, organization or community. And at the end of it all, you’ll hear hope, determination and a great sense of joy at having discovered something much deeper to propel you forward into your own life - and know that you’ll be just fine.

These are no ordinary conversations.
These are Emerging Futures conversations!

Designed to stand in the ‘now’ and face into the future, trusting that anything useful from the past will make itself known along the way. They move fast, cover a lot of ground and take you places you never dreamed you’d ever get to! All that, and along the way you get to discover, release, grow and engage as you see fit.

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Parenting for the Birthright of Potential

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The Freeing of Human Potential

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Pathways to Personal Power

With each pass, you discover more about yourself and your potential, making it possible for you to redesign your life by your inner truth; to reflect authentically who you are. The Pathways to Personal Power CDs with Louise LeBrun - creator of the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge including The CODE Model™ - are an introduction to a Paradigm of Being.