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By: Voipshield  09-12-2011
Keywords: Secure Operating System

VoIPmonitor™ is a specialized VoIP PBX monitoring tool. It collects, filters and processes events generated by VoIP PBXs and presents them to the PBX administrators through a state of the art User Interface. VoIPmonitor empowers VoIP PBX administrators to forward selected events in real-time to destinations such as in-house Network Operations Centers (NOC), Network Management Systems (NMS) and Operational Support Systems (OSS) without impacting the existing local administration processes. It supports VoIP PBX from major vendors such as Cisco, Avaya and Nortel. VoIPmonitor runs on a fully secure operating system and is delivered pre-installed on an appliance.


  • Flexible VoIP PBX configuration allows PBX administrators to configure VoIPmonitor to manage events from all or only selected VoIP PBX.
    • Sophisticated event filtering enables the administrators to choose the events that matter to them minimizing the impact on the NMS/OSS and network bandwidth.
    • Historical and real-time reporting provides the administrators with basic information and event details.
    • Full featured on-line help helps the user to get up to speed quickly.


    VoIPmonitor offers enterprises a number of business benefits:

    • Enables in-sourcing of PBX management. By using VoIPmonitor the VoIP PBX events and alarms could be filtered and forwarded to any internal NMS/OSS system without the need for external NOC.

    • Optimizes VoIP PBX event management. Sophisticated filtering and event processing allows maximizing resources and network bandwidth.

    • Fast Results. VoIPmonitor deploys in minutes so users can immediately see the events and alarms generated by VoIP PBX.

    • Ease of Use. A Web-based user interface provides all the necessary features needed to quickly configure and run the system.

    • Reporting. Standard reports provide a wealth of information to management and technical personnel within the organization.

    VoIPmonitor ships as a 1U security appliance that requires network access to all PBX event signaling planes as well access to chosen event forwarding destinations.


Keywords: Secure Operating System

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