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By: Voice Innovate  09-12-2011

SecurPBX® utilizing Voice Biometrics technology prevents, not just detects, but prevents telecom misuse by stopping unauthorized calls before they gain access to your organization’s valuable PBX resources. SecurPBX uses the very best voice biometrics technology to efficiently allow system access to authorized callers while eliminating unauthorized use.
Voice biometrics technology provides a non-intrusive, easy-to-use method of verification. It can be used to drastically reduce if not totally eliminate long distance misuse from a corporation, while at the same time allow efficient and effective access to these necessary resources to authorized users. SecurPBX can significantly reduce corporate cellular long distance and roaming charges.

This best of breed technology can also be applied to voice mail systems, thereby increasing security and convenience for the user.

When using SecurPBX®, callers access the system using any telephone, identify themselves with a unique user ID and then say the same passphrase with which they had previously enrolled.

Fully customizable, SecurPBX® will solve your telephony authentication business problems. We authenticate all users before they are granted access to privileged resources or functionality.

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From a Business perspective Call by Any Name access can be optionally secured by the Nuance Verifier voice verification engine, recognized as the best in the industry.Call by Any Name can significantly reduce cell long distance and international roaming charges by routing calls through the corporate PBX.


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STM is user initiated and performed, and thus significantly eases the administration process of SecurID® tokens through all stages of use, from token assignment and deployment to day-to-day user token maintenance. STM works with all RSA SecurID® tokens including standard cards.


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SecurPBX prevents, not just detects, telecom misuse by stopping unauthorized calls before they reach the corporate PBX and its associated valuable resources without compromising the convenience and efficiency of remote telephone access.


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SecurPBX will ensure that valuable corporate telephony resources are absolutely secured from unauthorized access.SecurPBX® allows you to prevent, not just detect, costly misuse of telephony resources by restricting unauthorized calls from internal or external users before they reach PBX resources. SecurPBX® is a secured automated telecom solution that enables authenticated users to access corporate data networks and PBX resources.


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