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By: Vital Health  09-12-2011

This is a way of seeing how healthy someone’s body is on the inside, by looking at the condition of the eye, by the different markings, spots and colours of the eye and the surrounding white area of the eye.

The assessment can indicate whether the tissues of an organ or muscle is weak or degenerating, amount of build up of toxins in that area, body’s chemical state. i.e., acid or alkaline.

Different levels of inflammation of that certain area or organ, bone, gland, etc., of the body are manifested by the colours of the various marks and its tissues of the Iris of the eye.

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This is mainly a workbook that a person who has done a nutrition or exercise program with Vital Health can use, or it can also be used by a person who is already been on various nutrition programs and have a strong fitness background and want to use and learn more new exercise ideas, routines and new nutrition programs that they would like to try.


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In order to obtain a proper balance of minerals, enzymes, vitamins, natural water content and fiber, food must be frequently consumed in its original unaltered state. What makes our nutritional program different from other programs is that it focuses on making whole, organic, natural food a main part of the diet. This theory illustrates the need for significant amounts of complete protein for those wishing to minimize their meat consumption.