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Stamped name plate or brass name tags, id Brass tags can also be used to help id traps or control valves.

Extra Rivets

If you purchase tags, they come with rivets. 

If you need extra rivets they are $10.50 for a bag of 100.  Enough to fix 50 tags to collars.

Shipping if you order rivets only is $1.95.

These are medium rivets.

5/16" Diameter, Double Capped, Nickel Plated.

Hunting Dog Collars

( please see the diagram below for sizes )

  • Economical 1-ply, oiled leather ( 12-14 " neck size)
  • The right size for 13" beagles.
  • Extended area in center is for a name plate.
  • $6.00 ea   

    $10.00 with a name tag. 

    Sun-Glo Collars

    D-Ring or with O Ring

    D Ring                          O Ring

    Ring in center: This collar provides a safer ring that lays flat with the collar avoiding hang ups in branches.

    Hunter Orange 

    1 collar only                $   8.00 

    1 collar with tag           $ 12.00

      12" to 21" Neck Size, 1" or 3/4" width.

    Collars over  21" Neck Size will be charged an

    additional $1.00

    Polyurethane coated nylon. 

    Soil and odor resistant.

    Water repellent, Resists rotting,  Easily cleaned.

    Beagle Collar

     The Field Trial Collar

    This collar was designed by an Ottawa Field Trialer that  competes in Horse Back Trials.  The idea of this collar is to have a O-Ring away from the buckle.  The larger O-Ring also allows the handler to use heavier Horse tack to quickly tie off a dog.  The material used is a Poly coated nylon that has a soft feel and is stronger than Leather.  It is available in Black or Brown.  The Brown collars have Brass hardware. 

    This Collar is made in Canada!!


    Ordering a collar ?

    Collar/Neck Size

    • We measure our collars by neck size, which is the middle hole to the centre of the buckle.

    • There are 5 holes per collar.

    Measuring to the middle hole allows for some play.

    Leather Collars


    • 1" or 3/4", made with Buffalo Hide.
    • Black , Brown or Dark Green.
    • D-Ring Or O-Ring available.
    • 3 rivets for added strength.
    • Available in any size.

    $12.75 ea.

    Made in Canada!  

    Premium Latigo Collar
    • 1" or 3/4 "  Wide 

    • Oiled Leather

    • Black or Burgundy

    • Custom Made to size


    $20.00 ea.

    Made in Canada!  


     Leads and 2-3 dog Couplers

    British Style Leads

    • 4' long
    • Red or Blue
    • Soft derby braid rope

    $20.00 ea.

    Tree Lead for Hounds   

    • Sun Glo Tree Lead
    • Brass Bolt Snaps
    • Floating O Ring to quickly attach a dog to a tree or fence post with the second snap.
    • 4 feet long, or can be custom made to any length
    • $20.00 Ea 

      Two Dog Sun Glo Lead

      4' Long, Solid Brass Snaps and extra loop in handle.

      $25.00 Each

      Same as above but in Briddle leather..$35.00 Each

      Regular Sun Glo Lead

      4 ' Long Poly Coated Nylon same as Tree lead but with 1 Brass snap.


    Couplers 2 or 3 dog

    • These couplers can turn any lead into a multiple lead.
    • Steel welded 1-1/4" O-Ring.
    • Brass bolt snaps
    • This is the strongest coupler you can buy
    • $11.50 for the 2 way coupler

      $14.00 for the 3 way

    Leather Accessory Loop

    Latigo Leather, for use on belts up to 2"

    with 1 1/4 " Solid Brass Ring to

    attach training accessories. 

    Brass Rivets 

    $10.00 each

    New Item. 

    European Style Jaeger Multy Lead.

    Smooth and soft thermal plastic webbing with the look of leather that will out last leather.

    Multy Functional Lead

    • 2 Brass Snaps
    • One Floating O Ring (to tie off a dog)
    • 2 Fixed D Rings to Shorthen Lead.
    • Made in Canada.
    • Can be modified to any length.

    $35.00 each

     Traffic Lead

    • Dark Brown or Black Briddle Leather
    • Solid Brass Snap and rivets
    • 12" long ( custom size at no extra charge )
    • Made in Canada

    $20.00 ea.

    NEW ITEM Granite.

    4 foot Lead

    • Made with Poly coated Nylon
    • Solid Brass Snap
    • Made in Canada

    $24.00 each

    Granite- 2 Dog Coupler

    • Solid Brass Snaps and Ring
    • Dark Brown
    • Made in Canada
    • 2 way Coupler  $15.00
    • 3 way Coupler  $18.00


    Game/Bird Gamble

    This game strap is made with tough 9/10 oz Briddle Leather with a loop that will let a 2 1/2" Belt go through it.  Solid double caps rivets.  Custom made for 5 or 6 birds, you choose!

    Made in Canada!

    $23.00 each

    as shown but with a brass Snap to tie to a saddle..

    $26.00 each.

    Roading Harness

    Condition your dog(s) for endurance...

    This roading harness is made here in Ottawa!  The material used is a strong polycoated nylon that will outlast leather, it does not rot or absorb water.  It is easy to clean and is available in Brown.  All of the hardware is brass, the under belly strap is adjustable.


    Training Tools

    Force Fetch Aids-Training Bumpers, Scents,

    • Throw rope included
    • 3" x 12" and 2" x 10"
    • White only
    • Large, $12.00 ea.

      Small,   $10.00 ea. 

    • Throw rope included

    • Floats

    • 2" x 8"
    • Perfect for puppies
    • Made in Canada!
    • $8.00 ea 

    • Solid maple
    • One piece construction
    • Easier for young dogs to pick up.
    • Made in Canada!!
    • out of stock at this time                                                      

      Knobby Bumpers

      Training Scent           

      • Raccoon

      • Pheasant or Grouse or Duck

      • Fox

      • Rabbit

      • Deer

      • Deer breaking Scent

      $7.20  Price Reduced Jan 1 2011 (was $7.50)

      Canvas Bumpers


      Force Fetch Dummy

      Pheasant Wings (pen raised)                                                  

      • Frozen
      • Chukars are also available
      • Brass bolt snap
      • 7 / 16 " Derby Braid Rope
      • Blue
      • Any length available
      • Made in Canada!
      • $25.00 ..20 feet long

    Force Fetch Kit

    Pic Coming Soon ...

    Kit Includes

    6 small dowels

    6 large dowels

    A force fetch collar with a stud to help apply ear pressure instead of using the D-Ring of a regular Collar

    A wooden force fetch dummy

    A small canvas dummy.

    All for $55.00

    This Kit is made in Canada!

      • Bells

        Medium bell

      • Nickel plated
      • Nylon Collar loop
      • base measures 2"

      • Economy Bell

      • no collar loop
      • Copper Painted Shown. Not available unless 10 or more are ordered
      • $3.75 each
      • base of bell measures 1 3/4"

      First Aid and Health Care Supplies

  • EMT Gel is an all-natural gel containing a natural medical hydrolysate Type I collagen.
  • It encourages wound healing.
  • Collagen provides the matrix for new cell growth.
  • It acts as a tissue adhesive, helps to prevent bacterial infection and reduces the potential of scarring.
  • Every dog owner should carry one of these.
  • $20.00 per tube

    Emt Gel


    • Elastic bandage that sticks to itself.
    • Use as support wrap, tail wrap, or to protect an injured area.
    • Can be cut or torn, no scissors required.
    • Measures 4" X 5 Yards.
    • Available in White or Blue
    • $ 4.00   

    Tuf-Foot  Now in Stock for fall and winter

    • Guaranteed to toughen and protect soft, sore and tender feet.

  • Recommended by veterinarians and trainers for 70 years.

  • Applicator swabs included.

  • Liquid form, apply 2 weeks ahead of required protection.

  • $17.50

    Product of USA


    Kennel Supplies

  • Stainless Steel
  • Comes with a handle
  • Holds 4L.
  • $12.00 ea. 

    Watering bucket

    Feeding dish

    • Stainless Steel
    • Non slip rubber edge
    • Holds 6 cups.  


    Training Bird Supplies

    Pigeon Trap door

    Capture your own pigeons for training with this easy

    to use trap door.

    • Install in your own cage.
    • Installation screws included.
    • Made with Western Red Cedar.
    • Made in Canada!

    $16.75 ea     

    Pigeon Door Bobs

    To make your own coop doors.


    $2.25 each


    Quail Harness 

     $3.00 each        /font>

    $6.00 ea.

    Training Pigeons. In Stock in the spring. Pick up only.

    209 Starter Pistol

    This starter pistol fires blank 209 primers that are inexpensive.  Holds 8 rounds.

    Made in Italy. 


    note:  We do not ship the primers.  Pick up only.

    Poultry Feed Dish

     Glavanized construction with removable top.

    $ 7.00 ea.

    Training Whistles

    Acme 210 1/2

  • Black
  • Used commonly with Springer Spaniels
  • NO Cork Pea in this whislte.
  • Made in England
  • $10.00 ea.
  • ALSO AVAILABLE ARE:  210's, 211's and 212's

    Mega Whislte

    $15.00 ea

    Acme Silent Whistle

    Call For Price


      Single lanyards

    • For whistles or calls or flush counters.

    • $3.00 ea.

      Custom Length Leather Double Lanyard

      These lanyards are made with Briddle Leather and are adjustable, you can custom order the length at no extra cost.  Holds two items, whistles, or a call or a flush counter.  Made in Canada!

      $12.50 each for the double

      Custom Leather lanyards can be made to your specifications

      Any questions call us. Evenings are best, until 10 pm only please.

      We are available 7 days per week.


    There are NO MINIMUM order amounts.

    Shipping Price List for Canada
    You must select the corresponding shipping price in the check out page

    Shipping for tags

    When only ordering tags only.

    1 dog tag purchased ..shipping is $1.00

    2 or more tags ........shipping is free

    Amount of order < $20 $20.01 - $49.99 $50-$99.99 > $150.00
    Amount for shipping  $8.50 $12.00 $15.00 free shipping

      Six Options to order

      1. Easiest way >

      Call us, evenings until 10 pm. 613-745-3296.  7 days a week

      2.  By E-mail


      what you would like to order, we will e-mail you 

           a link to follow for payment to our secure site.

      3.  On-line >

      Go to Our

      , use your credit card.

      5.  Mail >

      Print out a

      , fill it out, send a cheque or we can send it C.O.D,

                       a $7.59  fee applies to a C.O.D.

      6.  In Person >

      Call ahead to come by with by an appointment only.

        Important Note, regarding shipping If ordering on-line:

    • When on the purchasing page from 2CO.COM, please select the applicable charge for shipping in the options section.
    • There is now an option for free shipping when you purchase 2 or more tags or for orders over

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