Mobile Security Personal Edition for Android Smartphones and Android Tablets

By: Trend Micro  09-12-2011
Keywords: Parental Controls, Security Scans

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In 2010, 350 million PCs were sold worldwide. In 2011, over 500 million smartphones and tablets will be sold. Over 5 new threats against computers are released every second because the target is so large.

Smartphones and tablets are the new frontier for cybercriminals. They are mini-computers and contain your personal information. Trend Micro Mobile Security scans the files and apps on your device to ensure they don’t infect your device and steal your data.

Surf, Call, Text Security

Receiving unwanted calls and texts is annoying, can cost you money, and waste your time. Mobile Security allows you to set lists of approved contacts, or a list of blocked contacts, so you can control who can reach you.

Parental Controls – Do you let your kids use your mobile device? Have you just bought a new one for your children? You can use Trend Micro to block inappropriate websites. You can also use text and call blocking to stop bullies and unwanted callers.

Call and Text Blocking – Unwanted calls and texts not only waste your personal time, they can also cost you money, or seriously harm your children’s well being. With Call and Text blocking you can control who gets through and who doesn’t.

Lost Device Protection

If you’ve ever lost a mobile device you know how painful it is. Your mind quickly jumps from “Where did I leave it?” to “Did someone steal it?” to “Who are they calling?” and finally, “What are they doing with all my info?”

With Trend Micro Mobile Security, you have access to a personal website that lets you locate your phone on a map. If it’s near you (like on the fridge), you can trigger the alarm. If you can’t retrieve it immediately, then you can lock it.

And finally, if you can’t find it, you can remotely wipe clean your device of personal data.

Locate your device
Find your device on a Google map. Even if you don’t have GPS switched on, Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition will switch it on temporarily to get the device location.

Sound an alarm
If you can’t find your phone, just log on and sound a 1 minute alarm to find it. Even if the phone is on silent (when it won’t help calling it)

Lock the device
Remotely lock your device so that anyone who has found it can’t steal the data or run up huge bills. You can also customize a message for the screen to help get your device returned.

Wipe the device
If all else fails and your device is lost forever (we hope it doesn’t come to this), you can remotely wipe all data from the device, including additional storage.

SIM Card Lock
If your device has been stolen and the SIM is removed, it will automatically lock and your customized message will be displayed.

Keywords: Parental Controls, Security Scans

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