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By: Travel-Net Communications  09-12-2011
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Travel-Net Communications Residential High Speed Solutions

Travel-Net has been offering premium Internet Access Services to homes in the Ottawa Region for over the last 8 years. In fact, we have completely built our business from referrals from our satisfied customers. We believe in giving our customer the attention and service they deserve. You can count on us to give you the highly skilled technical support and flexible options you are looking for.

You will find below our “Service Description’ for our Residential High Speed Packages. We also invite you to contact us at (613) 744-3000 for more information on how we can help you.

Package Number




Package Name

DSL Basic DSL Advance ADSL Advance
Monthly Cost1 $28.95 $39.95 $124.95
Modem Fee $7.00 $7.00 $7.00
Activation Fee2 Waived Waived $200.00
Onsite Setup3 Call or e-mail Call or e-mail Call or e-mail
Speed (Down / Up)4 256kbps/128kbps 5Mbps/800kbps 5Mbps/800kbps
Service Type PPPoE PPPoE Dedicated
Static IP Dynamic Dynamic Static
Domain Hosting No  No  Yes
Web Hosting5 25MB  25MB  50MB
E-mail Addresses 2 e-mails  6 e-mails  12 e-mails
E-mail Aliasing No  No  No
Dialup Backup 10 hours  25 hours  50 hours
Monthly Throughput 8GB 30GB 60GB
Optional Router Purchase6CallCallCall

1 If customer or already has a compatible DSL modem the $10 a month modem fee will be waived.
2 Setup Fees are currently waived on PPPoE connections
3 Setup includes a maximum 1.5 hours (including travel to site).
4 Please note the speeds on this chart represents the theoretical maximum capacity of the DSL technology. The actual download and upload will be delivered to the customer at full capacity on a best effort basis.
5 Packages 1 & 2 include hosting only.
6 Optional Router needed to connect multiple computers to DSL service

DSL Service
Travel-Net Communications is excited to present you with the DSL Modem Service, this state-of-the-art technology will have you surfing the Internet at lighting fast speeds. This revolutionary technology outperforms dial-up, ISDN and cable Internet connections, in both performance and price.

  • 1 dedicated IP is available for an additional fee of $10 per month.
  • Activation takes approximately 4 business days from the time the order is processed.

Travel-Net's 5.0 ADSL Service delivers up to 5.0 Mbps download and up to 800kbps upload. This service will allow you to connect your entire network to the Internet. In addition you can host your own web and mail servers. An In-House approach can offer much greater flexibility. A High-Speed Internet connection will allow your business to save money and open new business opportunities.

(A)DSL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The (A)DSL Service is based on DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technology; this means you will be "permanently" connected to the Internet through your existing analog phone service.

We are currently taking orders for 1-Meg Modem and ADSL service in the Greater Ottawa/Gatineau and surrounding areas. Please contact us to see if you are in our ever expanding service area.

Please note that not all locations in every city will be eligible to receive ADSL services. Distance and line quality limitations can make service inoperative for some locations. Bell Canada will perform a line quality check after your order is placed to help determine if you can receive (A)DSL services.

For (A)DSL Modem connections, we support PC-compatible computers running Windows 95 or Windows 98, or Macintosh computers running Open Transport (TCP/IP) 1.1.1 or higher. Windows 3.1 is not supported. Any computer needing to access the Internet over the ADSL line must have a 10baseT or 100baseT network card.

Computers running other operating systems such as Linux and Windows NT should also work as long as they have a network card and are able to obtain their IP address via DHCP. These operating systems are not officially supported, however we will provide assistance on a best effort basis.

    ISDN - ADSL outperforms ISDN in both performance and cost. Since your ADSL line is always connected over your phone line, there are no additional Microlink fees as with ISDN. ADSL's speed leaves ISDN's 64k or even 128k in the dust.

    Cable - Cable modems looked quite promising several years ago, but now many industry analysts are calling cable modems dead on arrival. While cable modems have the capability to be quite fast, 2 major problems with cable modems remain unsolved. Both problems are caused by the fact that by its nature, cable modem technology is a shared medium. You share your Internet connection with your neighbor, the guy across the street, and your entire section of town. One problem this causes is that when everybody on the block is using their cable modem at the same time, access can get quite slow. With the right software, anybody you're sharing the connection with can see everything you do on the Internet. There's no privacy if you've got a cable modem. The other problem is that cable's existing broadcast technology is very limited when uploading bandwidth, a very important concern if you intend to host your own Internet servers. Since ADSL is a dedicated technology, the remains both speedy and secure for all your business needs.

    T1 and ATM - ADSL is however no substitute for a T1 or ATM connection, it is however the closest you can get without paying thousands of dollars a month. These services are built to resell bandwidth in mass or to accommodate very large networks. T1 and ATM services symmetrically deliver extremely high bandwidth at full duplex, which is usually not needed by most business today. ADSL provides enough bandwidth for many years to come.

There are several different components that make up the total cost of (A)DSL Service: the initial installation fee, the hardware, the line cost, and the Internet service. We have described below each aspect of our (A)DSL costing model.

    Initial Installation - The (A)DSL activation fee is waived until further notice.

    Internet Service Charges - Travel-Net Communication will be offering the Internet access starting as low as for just $28.95/month for the "DSL Basic Service" and $59.99/month for the "Business DSL Modem Service". Please check the chart above for detailed costs and services provided.

    At Travel-Net we have always worked to bring the best services to our customers at the best prices, with our aggressive ADSL pricing there is no exception. Other speeds and commercial plans are also available, see the Pricing guide above for complete descriptions and pricing.

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