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By: Trademerit  09-12-2011
Keywords: Risk Management, supply chain

Most enterprises recognize that improving the supply chain rests on the pillars of visibility, cost containment, risk management, customer satisfaction and globalization. Yet, each function within the organization focuses on its partial and role specific view of these pillars. Even worse, many lack the capabilities to perform the diagnostics and analysis required for matching the supply chain strategy with the corporate competitive landscape.

TradeMerit SCM services help clients design an end-to-end supply chain operating model that enables the enterprise to shape demand rather than respond to it, and to collaborate more effectively to achieve sustainable value.

To achieve this, TradeMerit created its tmOODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act) methodology that allows organizations to leverage:

  • Iterative improvement cycle that provides immediate results and increases value with more client involvement on each subsequent iteration.
  • Support for wide variety of internal and external information sources.
  • Multiple tiers of feedback and feed-forward interactions.
  • Well defined decision making techniques to help in improve predictability while leaving the details to the individual decision maker.
  • A better understanding of the current supply chain strategy and other related functional strategies.
  • An evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing supply chain strategy that is grounded on the actual measurable performance of various activities.
  • Independence from specific technical system or software used by the organization.
  • Concrete recommendations on how to improve the coverage and alignment of the existing supply chain strategy.
  • Governance, Compliance, Performance and Risk analysis software to assist in building and maintaining an optimal Supply Chain.

Keywords: Risk Management, supply chain

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