Cloud Supply Chain Governance and Control

By: Trademerit  09-12-2011
Keywords: supply chain

Cloud Supply Chain Governance and Control enables you to quickly detect & respond to changes across your supply chain and align your operational execution with plans and initiatives. This is of critical importance for organizations experiencing demand volatility, shorter product lifecycles, globally distributed supply networks, and increased regulatory requirements. 

Built on our award wining tmEvent platform, Cloud Supply Chain Governance and Control moves beyond  visibility to provide real-time control and analysis of events as they occur across your extended Supply Chain network. By establishing controls and incident management to handle undesired events, TradeMerit enables you to achieve desired objectives in the following business areas.

Reliably plan for future product/service requests in order to reduce safety stock while improving customer satisfaction. Create real-time controls to detect unexpected deviations and enforce your strategic sourcing/fulfillment plans.

Increase Perfect Order and reduce fulfillment cost by monitoring the process and quickly responding to changes in customer orders. Detect unforeseen disruptions, take corrective actions, and keep customers informed.

Monitor and control purchasing, receipt, and invoice processing activities. Optimize purchasing from preferred suppliers. Accelerate invoice checking and improve cash flow by returns management and facilitation of chargebacks and penalties against the supplier.

Increase inventory turnover and reduce safety stock by gaining visibility not just into on-hand inventory but also inventory that is requested, ordered, in-transit, and fulfilled. Analyze inventory targets and detect deviations from those targets.

Increase logistics responsiveness and reduce costs by measuring providers cost and performance. Monitor at line-item level and promote accountability by tracking incidents and monitoring corrective actions taken by providers.

Improve your security rating and reduce compliance penalties. Track your risk assessment, submit necessary compliance reports, and ensure that actions undertaken are in accordance with policies and regulations.


Keywords: supply chain

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