TITUS SharePoint Governance and Compliance Suite

By: Titus  09-12-2011

Putting a data governance process in place for Microsoft SharePoint is a critical task for managing the lifecycle of enterprise content. The process involves gathering information from various stakeholders such as Risk/Compliance Officers, IT administrators, Content Owners and Information Workers in every area that generates and uses content within SharePoint. With this input, activities within the content lifecycle can be defined, and responsibilities can be appropriately assigned.

This leads to a data governance model that suits individual organizations, along with policies that can be implemented and enforced. The following diagram illustrates a data governance model that corresponds to the SharePoint document management cycle, including security policies, technology safeguards and user activities related to security.

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Designed to provide protection in the most rigorous security-minded environment, TITUS commercial off-the-shelf classification solutions provide high levels of security, increased accountability and protective markings for,,, and standards. To enable effective and secure information sharing, documents must be properly marked and formatted. Uniform, consistent, and comprehensive markings help to reduce spillage of sensitive information.


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Be they regulations, standards, government legislated directives, or even internal policies that your organization must meet, TITUS software can help organizations fully comply with even the most stringent of requirements for data protection. Discover how TITUS Classification & SharePoint Security Solutions help customersachieve compliance for.


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Most DLP solutions today provide a means of protecting sensitive information based on pre-configured policy templates and automated detection approaches, but the problem with today’s DLP solutions is that they too often return false positives, so they are often run in audit mode rather than in prevent mode. Organizations cannot risk the harmful implications due to loss of data or to suffer the penalties from a regulatory requirement violation.


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With over 1.5 million users worldwide, TITUS software is deployed by commercial, government, and military customers to protect and share sensitive information. Titus messaging and document solutions help enterprises enforce their classification policies and prevent inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information. The TITUS family of security and compliance solutions include.


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Metadata is used to determine the appropriate retention of each category of information. TITUS Message Classification can be used with the following archival solutions. Results in lower storage costs, and lower storage management costs. Information Lifecycle Management Solutions include.