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By: Thinkrf  09-12-2011
Keywords: Radio, Wireless Signals


Product Overview

ThinkRF provides a complete and comprehensive line of high-performance RF radio front ends, tuner/down-converters and receiver/digitizer/analyzers. ThinkRF's solutions have the RF performance of high-end lab spectrum analyzers but are designed to meet the challenges of distributed and remote wireless signals intelligence applications.
ThinkRF has patent-pending software-defined RF receiver technology that provides industry leading combined sensitivity, tuning range, instantaneous bandwidth and scan rate. The WSA4000 integrated receiver/digitizer/analyzers supports 100 kHz to 10 GHz tuning with 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth and 200 GHz/sec scan rate.   The RDC2000 tuner/down-converters and RFE0108 radio front end supports instantaneous bandwidths up to 450 MHz.
ThinkRF's WSA4000 is designed for stand-alone, remote and/or distributed wireless signals monitoring and intelligence applications. It is ideal for monitoring, management and surveillance of transmitters, whether they are in-building or spread across a geographic area. Applications include but are not limited to spectrum analysis, wireless network management and interference mitigation; cognitive radio and white space spectrum sensing, enterprise wireless signal intrusion detection (WSID); government spectrum licensing monitoring and enforcement; technical security counter measures (TSCM) and military communications and signals intelligence (COMINT/SIGINT and CEW).
All of ThinkRF's RF receiver products are designed for easy integration with third-party applications by supporting standard APIs. ThinkRF's WSA4000 supports the data acquisition of captured signal data to be passed directly to MATLAB, Octave or GNU Radio signal processing development toolkit for rapid implementation of software-defined radio applications.

Keywords: Radio, Wireless Signals