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By: The Healthiest Home  09-12-2011
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The Healthiest Home is a full service green building solutions center offering supply of a full range of green building materials as well as renovation and design services, consultation and product installation.

We are a complete ONE STOP ECO SHOP. We supply exclusively non-toxic, eco-friendly products and guarantee healthy, efficient, sustainable construction methods..We create well designed, healthy green spaces..


From kitchen, bathroom or basement retrofits to full interior renovation to complete home additions and new construction we are a full service ONE-STOP-ECO-SHOP. With over 20 years of construction experience leading the company, building on our integrated design planning approach, green product expertise and environmental systems knowledge we offer complete renovation services. This complements our entire interior product offering. Our in-house construction project managers coordinate your entire project and ensure that HH healthy sustainable building standards are adhered to throughout the entire process. Through all elements of construction, environmental respect remains top of mind: recycling and re-use of old products; waste disposal/minimizing; transport; footprint of existing and new work; indoor air quality throughout renovation; energy/water efficiency; structural integrity and finally the building and surrounding ecology. We �GreenYourPrint�. Using your budget as a guideline we analyze the best environmental options for your project and prioritize all aspects of the work from structural, to interior finishes to plumbing and electrical to energy alternatives ending up with the most advanced building system, minimal environmental impact and uncompromised indoor air quality.

For more information on how to "Green Your Print" review our process.


Beginning with the initial project planning process through to finish selections, construction phase implementation and coordination, our design services are tailored to each individual client - budgetary and programmatic requirements. We design and build to the highest levels of environmental standards taking into consideration your style, budget and your passion.   With such a varying degree of “green” standards, we do not bid on projects unless we have specified the material selection.  However, we will gladly review your designs for any project, hand in hand with your budget projections and asses if we can “Green Your Print”.  We typically complete a design and material review to match your budget with design requirements.

To get started “Greening your Print” review our process. For some initial planning guides see following documents:


Our consultation packagestake into consideration the three components of your space: environmental, structural and efficiency. We offer various packages that are tailored to meet your design and building requirements. If complete full service renovation or construction work is completed with The Healthiest Home, this initial consultation phase valued at $5000.00 is discounted from the total cost of your project.

As part of our consultation services we can also offer other high level recommendations regarding water conservation, mechanical heating/ cooling and ventilation options, radiant floors, ground source heat pumps, fuel cells, and of course, solar electric and thermal systems. If we lack the specific in-house expertise for your project, we have reliable industry affiliates who we will bring on the job!

We offer building system analysis to assist client decision making on the best practices in energy efficient/ healthy home construction. We use 3rd party auditors for energy assessments and affiliated indoor air quality experts to assess the status of the entire building environment. The results of these assessments guide the requirements of retrofits and new construction.

We also offer hourly consultation ($150/hr.). HH construction consultations that address a pre-determined subject matter. These are available by appointment only at our store or at your home for convenience & costs.


We offer installation services for any of our products that have been purchased. We take all measures to ensure that all installations contracted through The Healthiest Home meet our highest standard of quality and application methodology. If you ever experience affiliated installation services that you feel do not meet the standards that The Healthiest Home boasts, please inform us immediately and we will take action with our contracted or staff installation team.

Come visit us and take advantage of our complete supply/service offering or bring in your selected contractor or industry professional. We welcome the opportunity to work with anyone who shares our vision of creating a more sustainable, healthy Canada.. one space at a time.

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The management of all projects remains in-house with The HH team ensuring all elements of your project meet the standards that inspired you to work with The Healthiest Home in the first place; creating a well designed, healthy, sustainable space. A sustainable community in Victoria BC, The Healthiest Home is supplying & installing all flooring for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project.


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We supply &/or install any of our interior finishing products in projects ranging from in size from condominiums to custom homes to large scale commercial flooring installs to 100,000 square foot multi unit residential projects. We source countless options that will meet your budget and aesthetic needs ensuring that at the price and the look you want you can have the greenest option available in the market.


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Ingredients are added during the manufacturing process to protect the wallboard from moisture and toxic mold growth - a widespread problem that continues to plague builders and homeowners - thereby reducing health risks and improving indoor air quality. Granite countertops are less-than-sustainable due to the environmental damage caused by quarrying practices and the high embodied energy incurred by shipping such a heavy item.