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/ 2011/11/02 2:46 pm

                                 New study shows correlation between video games and weight gain Chaput and his collaborators invited 22 healthy, normal-weight boys between ages 15 and 19 into the lab. The night before the experiment, the boys were instructed not to eat. They arrived at 7:30 a.m. and [..]

/ 2011/10/19 8:48 pm

Harvest Noir hits Ottawa IT WAS A secret that 700 people could keep. Last Saturday saw hundreds of people attend a picnic near the Museum of Civilization. Oragnized by the Mysterious Event Company, Harvest Noir was no ordinary picnic, mirroringsimilar international pop-up picnics, featuring circus performances, a fashion show, and immaculately dressed participants. “Harvest Noir is a fusion of the [..]

/ 2011/10/19 8:41 pm

Take a tour with the haunted PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, HAUNTING secrets of Ottawa’s deathly past, mysterious hangings, and chilling ghost stories—it’s no wonder the Ottawa Haunted Walk tour is the popular go-to activity for the Halloween season. Celebrating it’s 15th anniversary this year, the Haunted Walk is still drawing in locals and newcomers in droves.   “It’s a very successfully growing [..]

/ 2011/10/12 7:19 pm

The decentralized dance party comes to Ottawa NO COVER CHARGE, no waiting in line for an hour, no minimum age, and no guest list—just straight partying all night. Although it sounds too good to be true, the decentralized dance party (DDP) lets you do just that. What started between two friends in Vancouver has now spread across the nation. Coming [..]

/ 2011/10/12 7:13 pm

New mobile app takes dating to another level WHO NEEDS LIQUID courage when you can have Electric Courage, a new mobile flirting app that promises to take people from “shy to fly” at nightclubs or bars, allowing users to easily introduce themselves to people they find attractive. All of the flirting and introductions are done electronically through Electric Courage’s “flirt [..]

/ 2011/09/28 3:38 pm

Local painter’s exhibition debuts IT’S EASY TO call our society addicted to communication. We live in a wired age, only a text, tweet, or ping away from someone, but regardless of how connected we may be artificially, Ottawa-based painter Peter Shmelzer believes we are more isolated than ever. His new exhibition High Value in Hard Times, which is showing at La Petite Mort [..]

/ 2011/09/28 3:35 pm

Social networks are changing our politics IN JUST A few short years, social media has exploded. Websites such as and get more users every day, and their popularity continues to grow around the world. Although most of us might not use social media for much more than posting pictures and creeping exes, it has arguably become a powerful tool used in elections [..]

/ 2011/09/21 3:28 pm

How students can preserve their native language on campus THERE ARE MANY students on campus whose first language isn’t French or English. This news may not be groundbreaking considering multiculturalism is a defining feature of life in Canada. “We are blessed to have multiculturalism in Canada because all institutions encourage culture,” says Abdallah Obeid, U of O professor of Arabic studies. Although Canada is practically synonymous with [..]

/ 2011/09/15 12:03 am

Law of attraction expert Marlene Keys to give seminar in Ottawa “GOOD THINGS COME to those who wait.” How often is this phrase loosely thrown around? We all know that such an expression preaches the importance of patience. It’s similar to the idiom “all in good time.” But what if there was a way of obtaining everything you ever wanted, [..]

/ 2011/09/14 11:50 pm

Local clothing store turns 15 PEOPLE GENERALLY COME to Ottawa for the novelty of visiting Canada’s capital. Tourists take in its beautiful landscape, historical monuments, and its academic and bureaucratic atmosphere, but rarely its fashion. As the humble neighbour of major cities like Toronto and Montreal, Ottawa’s fashion scene is mercilessly outshone by the gleaming Yonge Street and the lively [..]

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Following the paper trail WHETHER IT’S STEPHEN Harper famously saying “ordinary people” don’t care about the arts, or critically acclaimed Canadian dancer Margie Gillis getting slammed on Sun TV for defending artistic grants and subsidies, there is something about arts funding that sparks debate.


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Local outdoor film festival marks 10th anniversary IMAGINE SPENDING A lazy summer evening relaxing while watching one of your favourite movies in a park, surrounded by all your friends, for practically no cost. Our Academy Award predictions AS WE APPROACH the end of the year, the question that will inevitably come to the minds of movie fans is, “What should we expect to see at the Academy Awards?.


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Kosher Jokes for the Halaladays comes to Ottawa CHRISTMAS IS A time for celebration and merriment, but while most people are stuffing their faces with pastries and drinking copious amounts of eggnog, others are grieving because this is one holiday they don’t celebrate.


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The decentralized dance party comes to Ottawa NO COVER CHARGE, no waiting in line for an hour, no minimum age, and no guest list—just straight partying all night. Kreesha Turner Tropic Electric EMI 4/5 “Rock paper scissors” is the name of the first single on Kreesha Turner’s latest album Tropic Electric. It’s the founder of The First 15, a grant project that mixes social media and industry expertise to help unknown artists get their big break.


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Known for their heavy electronic beats and slow, melodic, whispery lyrics, Data Romance does the unthinkable by mashing up Kirkpatrick’s soft folk vocals with an edgier dance club beat, arranged solely by Bhattacharyya. DATA ROMANCE AFTER A TWO year partnership, Vancouver’s Amy Kirkpatrick and Ajay Bhattacharyya, also known as the electro-pop duo Data Romance, are finally coming to town.


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For most of us autumn means a new semester and slowly settling into everyday routines, but for big-shot TV conglomerates, it signals the start of fall programming. AS THE LEAVES begin to fall and August becomes a mere memory, students begrudgingly surrender to a new school year. Our favourite television shows start just when we need an excuse to.