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I had read about this place in the Wallpaper Guide for Copenhagen, and as I knew we were going to try Mikkeller Bar, I figured we should make sure that we also check out the competition at Nørrebro Bryghus. I have so far tried out their Pacific Summer Ale (very delicious), Stuykman Wit (delicious), and [..]

While the Danes aren’t as famous for their beers as the Belgians, Dutch, or Germans, they are off to a good start with Mikkel Borg Bjergsø’s ‘Mikkeller’ Brewery. Voted twice as the best Danish Brewery by the association of Danish Beer Enthusiasts, Mikkeller is obviously a place that you need to visit while you’re in [..]

Ahhh – beer. For those evenings when you’ve just come in the door from work – and that first sip of beer touches your lips, the cold bubbles run over your tongue, and your brain just goes “it’s over – you’re home”. That’s my favourite part about beer. And Belgians make fabulous beer. There are [..]

I was here a while ago but forgot to blog about it, so it will be short, but here goes. It was a rainy Friday night, and a bunch of old friends were getting together for a drink and to catch up. We headed to the Kingston as it was downtown and served beer, that [..]

Heading out with the guys before the big concert – we only had about an hour to get some food and have a pre-concert cocktail. I looked up the “50 best bars in Philadelphia” article on the Philadelphia Weekly website, and found the Good Dog at Number 3. Apparently, this place is more of a [..]

Yes, I realize that this is a food blog, but no review of restaurants in Halifax would be complete with out a trip to this most famous of the downtown bars and pubs in Halifax. Located on the waterfront in Halifax’s Historic Properties (restored old storehouses with plenty of character), this establishment had been open [..]

I’ve been meaning to write about this place for a while. M was in town, and after having checked out the Cascade Room and The Five Point together, we had heard that Stella’s had a good selection of Belgian brews on tap, so off we went. Now M is a gent who knows his beer. [..]

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After our experience at Cabana las Lilas, we wanted to figure out this whole Argentinian beef thing and knew that we had to visit a parrilla again to compare/contrast and see if we could find the ‘best steak of your life’ as some of the travel guides seemed to promise.



She had tracked down Osha Thai as being one of the better Thai food options in the city, and as we were staying downtown, we decided to head to the 2nd Street location. Who knew that New Westminster would have an authentic thai place with a thai owner/chef in the middle of all the mediocre food. Apparently this restaurant is a venture by a previous chef at the popular Banana Leaf malaysian restaurant chain in Vancouver.



A local french bistro just off the main pedestrian walkway near the centre of Reims, this bistro with a red awning was recommended by the sommelier at Veuve Clicquot – in fact, he said that the fries were the main attraction. I swear that the staff (ba-da-boom, ba-da-bing!) from East Side Mario’s was holding the WPE staff hostage in the back of the kitchen and decided to take over food preparation for the day.



Bakeries occupy this special place in my heart – the good ones are run by people who love food, who put that love into what they do, and produce an exceptional product that just makes you happy. I’ve said before that I think “lets just go here” is a recipe for disaster when walking around town in terms of food, but once in a while, it just works out – as it did at the Continental.


Bib Gourmand

So La Rotonde is one of the Parisian institutions of Montparnasse – its list of famous figures of the 20th century that have drunk, eaten, and discussed the meaning of life behind its doors would make up most of the early 20th century Who’s Who of the literary and art. Everything a ‘Bib Gourmand’ should be – would definitely go again.



So for future reference, here is some information I gleaned on the net about different places to eat in Budapest.


Baked Goods

Always searching out delicious baked goods, we read about Emmerys somewhere or other and as it was literally around the corner from our apartment in Copenhagen, we decided to give it a try – and yes, it totally worked out. Don’t expect a chic restaurant – this is more of a cafeteria-style affair with a dessert/bakery display case out front and a hot table with a lot of dishes that have an indian or asian bent to them with many lentil.