By: Tarantula Consulting  09-12-2011

When you run any Java based SAS 9.3 client application, such as SAS ® Management Console, a log is written to the SASDeploymentWizard directory lo

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Hackers continue to launch attacks exploiting vulnerabilities in Oracle's Java software in record numbers, Microsoft said Monday. Citing research from a recent report, Tim Rains, a director in the company's Trustworthy Computing group, said that up to

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Apply patches to known holes Patch up warmly this winter if you’re running Java. That’s the advice from .NET shop Microsoft, which reckons Oracle’s platform is the single biggest target for hackers. Java proved the single most popular target in the

A special Advent present for all you avid Java Tech Journal readers out there - it's now available for free on  Android Market . That's right - the app itself is free and every issue of the wonderfully

The most common exploits in the first half of 2011 were those targeting Oracle's Java platform, according to Microsoft's latest security report. Java, a programming language with applications commonly seen in web interfaces, is installed on hundreds of

HTML5 Game Programming , continues his examination of how to use Amino to create cross-platform applications in JavaScript and Java. Learn how to use Amino to start and end a 'War

Professional tool users to convert animations to HTML5. | Subscribe to InfoWorld's Developer World newsletter for more news about software development. ] Developers can access Google APIs listed in Google's API Explorer, such as Web Fonts API, Google