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By: Swap Technology  09-12-2011

Technology Development With a solid strategy developed, the next logical stage is the design and implementation of technology. When choosing a technology developer you want to have a team who can see the big picture. Our team looks at all aspects of the technology development, from user interaction to security features. It is no secret that making a web page is easy, and almost anyone could do it. The secret lies in making a successful web site that meets client requirements, promotes repeat visitors and inspires work of mouth advertising from users. Our team is capable of designing simple to complex web sites and Internet applications that meet the requirements of our clients and end users. Our team has experience developing applications in a variety of programming languages including: C, C++ , Java, COBOL, Perl and many others. We can develop complex database driven web applications using a variety of Internet languages. Our team is dedicated to giving our customers exactly what they need. We take no pride in up-selling complex solutions if they are not needed. Our technology development services include:

  • Website Development - We will develop websites big and small. No matter the size we always deliver professional results.
  • Web application development - Interactive services requiring programming such as chat forums, automated systems, publishing systems, or virtually anything you can think up.
  • Programming & Scripting - Programming services using the latest technologies. Our team can make almost anything.
  • Database Design & Development - As the backbone to any web application a strong, scalable and reliable database is needed. Large or small, we will design and develop your database.
  • Website maintenance - The secret to keeping users returning to your website is to provide fresh content and features. Our maintenance services will keep your website looking fresh so that you can focus on other elements of your organization.

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As a students' association you are responsible for providing services that respond to the concerns of students. The Dynamic Web Portal is the ideal environment for effective communication. Many of these services can be offered online. Online sport team registration form. Online field trip funding form.


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Our process re-engineering services look at the way you currently do business and determine ways you can become more efficient using the Internet. Strategy Development Our web development team has the talent to make your most vivid online dreams a reality.


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It provides students' associations with an extremely easy to use and reliable online textbook service that could save their members thousands of dollars. Your members will be extremely grateful when they save money and they will know their students' association was responsible.


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We realize that making an online presence is not always the easiest task, which is exactly why we have a team of experienced professionals who can make your online presence a successful reality. Our professional services are aimed at providing a comprehensive solution that will help your organization in all phases of the web development process.


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This is mostly due to the lack of technical, business and usage knowledge that is required in building a successful online presence. Each student pays a yearly student fee that is used to provide useful and relevant services that help the large student body. Students are the owners, yet many are apathetic and don't participate in student run events or vote for student elections.


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Student Apathy, it affects millions.Reestablish your connection throughpowerful and effective web services!Today's college students are hard to reach demographic, they are responding less and less to traditional advertising media such as posters, radio and television commercials. Using our strategy and product offerings, you will be able to build and maintain an effective communication medium with your students.