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By: Sustainability Scorecard International  09-12-2011
Keywords: corporate carbon footprint, Performance Scorecard,

SSCI’s digital, performance scorecard, information with its PowerPoint slides and handout material and its Current Themes in Management discussion papers, are downloadable for free … ‘free as in zero price’.
SSCI’s digital performance scorecard concepts are not for resale by third parties for commercial purposes.

SSCI’s unique, one page, 7-columns, multi-year, trend scorecard reports Yesterday’s Progress (up to the last 5 years), Today’s Performance (current year) and Tomorrow’s Potential, a 3-year forecast, if possible.

SSCI’s Corporate Carbon Footprint offers a cost efficient, consistent and comparable performance scorecard format. SSCI designed its sustainability performance scorecard format to be used by small, medium and large businesses and by not-for-profit organizations.

SSCI’s performance scorecard format may direct organizations to make strategic differences as to how their operations can best create greater financial returns and non-monetary wealth for shareholders, Main Street stakeholders and communities.

SSCI’s Corporate Carbon Footprint may be used as a reporting tool for the US EPA’s new mandatory reporting of greenhouse gases rule because it can be prepared on a quarterly and on an annual basis.

SSCI’s Corporate Carbon Footprint should be reported as a stand-alone entry in a company website’s About Us menu. It may enable companies to increase their attention and reputation markets.

Today, there is a lack of in-house corporate “how-to” GHG reporting knowledge and practices. Organizations should take a corporate collaborative creativity approach (say a group-of-three other businesses) to learn new cost efficient and effective carbon emission reduction techniques and reporting practices. Collaboration will save time -- by sharing relevant online research tasks; money – from learning new cost-savings climate change initiative opportunities; may lower the cost risk -- when attempting new climate change initiatives.

Keywords: corporate carbon footprint, Performance Scorecard,

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