Glycoamino Acids

By: Sussex Research Laboratories  09-12-2011

Sussex Research manufactures the most extensive selection of Glycoamino Acids that are commercially available in the world today.

Fmoc Glycoamino Acids enable facile assembly of glycopeptides as well as introduction of carbohydrate-based recognition elements onto a variety of molecules including small molecules and biomolecules such as oligonucleotides and proteins. Glycoamino acids are free acids, Fmoc blocked with peracetylated sugars ready for Solution or Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis. Available in a variety of quantities. Larger quantities for use in large scale manufacture of glycopeptides for clinical use may be manufactured upon request.

Partially protected or fully deprotected glycoamino acids may be useful for certain chemical manipulations or as referencestandards:

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In addition to our carbohydrate synthetic experience, the company has an excellent infrastructure including in-house high field nmr and mass spectrometry facilities for structural validation. From blood group to GAG oligosaccharides, we have experience in virtually all aspects of oligosaccharide synthesis. Sussex Research prides itself on its ability to synthesize, purify and fully characterize oligosaccharides.


PEGylated Glycosides

Sussex PEGylated Glycosides may also be important materials for use as carbohydrate carriers in glycotherapeutic applications, drug carriers for site specific delivery, drug enhancers for decreasing toxicity and solubility and protein enhancers.



Synthetic glycopeptides offer a unique frontier for research in glycobiology and proteomics as well as for drug discovery & development, drug delivery/targetting, diagnostics development and biotechnological applications. Carbohydrates on proteins mediate a host of biological events including cell adhesion, immune system function, fertilization, cellular targeting as well as protein transport, stabilization and half-life.



From functionalized carbohydrate molecules such as Fmoc glycoamino acids for glycopeptide synthesis and PEGylated Glycosides for protein modification to polysaccharides for study and development of vaccines, the Sussex product portfolio is wide-ranging. At Sussex Research, we take great pride in the conception, development and manufacture of a novel portfolio of carbohydrate-based products for the innovative modern researcher.