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Passive Solar Building Design from Suncatcher Solar Ltd.

By: Suncatcher Solar Ltd.  10-04-2011
Keywords: Solar Energy, Passive Solar Building Design

For much less than the cost of Real Estate fees, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of a passive solar home custom designed for you. Suncatcher Solar specializes in passive solar  building design, the most cost effective way to provide a substantial portion of your heating requirements. Intelligent decisions in the building design make effective use of the sunshine entering the home.

Passive solar design is the most cost effective way to use the sun’s energy since there are very few, if any, additional construction costs. The method uses intelligent decisions at the building design stage to make effective use of the sunshine entering the home. Houses are oriented with a south-facing wall of windows that maximize solar gain during the winter and have suitable overhangs to minimize the solar gain in the summer. If the south window area is large in proportion to the floor area of the house, a thermal mass such as a concrete floor or stone wall can be used to absorb some of the heat during the day and radiate the heat at night. This design technique incorporates passive solar heating, passive cooling and natural day lighting in a unified design that reduces energy needs for heating in the winter, cooling in the summer and artificial lighting.

Keywords: Passive Solar Building Design, Solar Energy,

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