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By: Stuckie  09-12-2011
Keywords: Whiteboards, Water Soluble Marker

stuckie TM WhiteBoards

Desperate for an adaptable, movable and endlessly useable way to organize your life?

Don’t panic. stuckie stick-anywhere whiteboards will stick to most smooth surfaces and help you bring order to your chaos.

Lists, schedules, reminders and messages are centralized and co-ordinated in one place - any place! stuckie whiteboards come with an idoodle™ water soluble marker pen, so there’s no danger of accidentally rubbing off important information as with dry erase. And no dust!

We’ll even throw in a pack of stuckie Stuck-Ups so you can keep an eye on important notices, bills and letters.

There, don’t you feel better already?

Keywords: Water Soluble Marker, Whiteboards,