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By: Srscan  09-12-2011
Keywords: Change Management, Strategic Management

New program strategies or business models that sounded so good in theory fail to produce the desired results in practice. The objectives are clear enough: “Define your outcomes and focus on results”. But all too often successful execution is elusive, even when implementing leading edge project management models such as PMBOK®, ITIL®, SEI’s Capability Model, etc.  Something is missing.

The Missing Piece

We believe the missing piece is strategic management and alignment.

By “strategic management and alignment” we mean management that is active, responsive and dynamic; that recognizes the need for vertical and horizontal integration of governance and operational functions and processes; and that proactively manages change through the continuous co-ordination, adjustment and synthesis, i.e. alignment, of management and operational resources, capabilities and processes throughout the full lifecycle of the program or project to realize the desired benefits.

The greatest fallacy in traditional project management and contracting in the modern era is that objectives, strategies, priorities, requirements and deliverables are static, i.e. thatwhat is, is. Terms and conditions are fixed and immutable, and not amenable to change except by way of formal contract amendments that are costly and time consuming. And by the time the first round of contract amendments are agreed to and approved, a second round of amendments lurks in the wings waiting to repeat the cycle.

While most mature project management systems recognize “Change Management” as an essential project management discipline, change management is a lagging process that captures change requirements identified by the parties, often in reaction to intentional or unintentional changes in scope, strategies or priorities. It captures and documents change and operates as a form of “course correction” after the fact; it does not actively manage or align change as change occurs in real time to ensure uninterrupted performance or delivery.

Strategic Management & Alignment Service

The SRS Strategic Management & Alignment Service delivers structures that allow you to actively manage and effectively control the interdependent horizontal and vertical dynamics of your organization continuously align your strategy with your clients’ and stakeholders’ needs, and steer execution of your strategy down to the operational level.

Whether the demand is for organizational transformation, complex systems acquisitions or upgrades, or results-focused Alternative Forms of Delivery to meet increasing customer expectations, SMAS™ is for you.

SMAS™ adopts and incorporates SRS’ core philosophy of continuous alignment with two of SRS’ leading proprietary technologies, i.e. SRM™ and GAPM®, to deliver the results and benefits you are looking for.

SRS helps you enable & facilitate proactive management of the strategic direction of your organization by:

  • Aligning organization resources, capabilities and service delivery strategies to organizational vision, objectives and priorities;
  • Enabling continuous alignment of dynamic, complex programs and projects with changing strategic direction, risk allocation and desired benefits;
  • Facilitating active portfolio management, resource allocation and prioritization, within and/or across projects,  programs & service delivery organizations;
  • Providing real-time, continuous management and evaluation of performance, accountability & benefits throughout all phases of the program or project lifecycle;
  • Ensuring alignment of program and/or project objectives, scope and deliverables with the organization’s investment strategy and priorities, as these change over time;
  • Aligning accountabilities, responsibilities and decision-making authorities with changing program objectives, organizational maturity and approval requirements.

Keywords: Change Management, Strategic Management

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