FedBid® | SRS

By: Srscan  09-12-2011

FedBid is the world’s only buyer-driven marketplace for acquisition of commodity and simple services. FedBid Canada, is an alliance partnership between SRS and US based FedBid Inc.

FedBid brings dynamic competition to commodity buys that typically would not be competed or would be competed in a static manner via a supply list, vendor of record or standing offer under less than optimal tendering conditions. It provides full and open competition among qualified sellers, enables dynamic real-time competition including lower dollar purchases.

Buyers achieve significant direct savings and just-in-time procurement for new products while avoiding development, licensing and operational costs in a user-friendly online environment. Millions of small and medium enterprise sellers gain uniform and transparent access to opportunities easing adjustment to market conditions, avoiding risk on future pricing, and enabling sale cycle cost reduction through direct opportunity notification. This allows sellers to focus on innovation, quickness and value added services.

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