Geospatial BI

By: Spoton Systems  09-12-2011

GBI-1 Webinar Series

The webinar series is over for now. Thanks to all attendees for the positive feedback! For those who missed it, the recordings of them are all online.

Virtually every business intelligence application, for every industry or sector, has some kind of geographic or spatial analysis component.

Banks and Financial Institutions. Retailers. Government and Public Sector. Educational Institutions. Law Enforcement. Military and Aerospace. Transportation and Logistics. Healthcare.

The list goes on and on.

In each of these industries, there are strong requirements to analyze data geographically. Whether it's understanding which customers, sales outlets, or marketing programs are the most profitable in which regions. Or where crime levels are highest, and what environmental or other spatial factors might be contributing. Or where federal, state, or municipal budgets have been spent, on what projects.

SpotOn Vantage Maps delivers out-of-the-box capabilities that allow IBM Cognos report authors to instantly enhance their dashboards and reports with maps from Esri, the recognized leader in enterprise GIS. Key business measures displayed in multiple IBM Cognos tables, charts, and crosstabs can easily be explored and analyzed geographically, with no need for custom development.

The following are examples of some compelling uses for SpotOn Vantage Maps.



Health Care/Environmental




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