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By: Sportident  09-12-2011

SPORTident is using a new printer in its printer and school sets. And this printer has two features that make it worth considering: It takes standard thermal paper rolls, available in business supply stores The batteries are normal AA rechargeable NiMH batteries.  Easy to replace when they wear out, a spare set can also be carried to insure that the battery doesn’t run dry before the end of an event. I’ve been using it a bit today and I like it.  It feels solid.  It might..

The printer control BS7-P is a great device for school events, training events or anything that doesn’t require any registration.  It helps if the participants all own an SI-6 or higher finger stick, with their name stored in the finger stick. In this training example we have set up two courses, and five people are participating: Donald, Hewey, Dewey, Louie and Scrooge.  Donald and Scrooge, as adults, are doing one course of 6 controls (201 – 206), while the triplets are doing the shorter course, with just four controls (211 – 214).  Before the event Make..

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09-12-2011 - Firmware

As many of you are aware, V5.59 had the stadium control bug which caused the batteries in stadium controls to be drained sooner under certain conditions. A new firmware package has been released for the following controls: BSF7-D Control BSF8-Dx Control BS8-D Master BS7-P Printout BSM-7 Download. SPORTident has released version 5.68 for SPORTident controls BSF-7 & BSF-8 as a replacement to all prior firmware versions.

09-12-2011 - Batteries

The lithium batteries last much longer than the original packs, and the voltage stays within range until almost the end of the battery’s life. It is published by the battery manufacturer, for the battery installed in BSF-8 controls (BSF-7 batteries have similar looking profiles). SPORTident now uses single-cell lithium batteries to replace BSF6 batteries instead of Alcaline triple cell packs as originally shipped.