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By: Soft Line Trends  09-12-2011
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Trendex operates six continuous consumer purchase tracking studies in Canada and four in Mexico. These studies provide program subscribers with a continuous source of marketing intelligence. 

Trendex Canada Syndicated Purchase Tracking Services


Quarterly Household Sample



Mexican Apparel Market Monitor



Footwear Market Index (FMI)—Mexico



Mexican Home Fashions Monitor 3,000 2006
Mexican Direct Marketing Study 3,000 2007
Sports Vision Mexico 3,000 2005

Uses of the Information

Trendex's information has numerous uses for a company including:

  • as a means to analyze both the potential of sales territories and a company’s performance therein
  • as a tool rank ordering the potential of individual retailers
  • as an input into presentations and sales plans developed for individual retailers
  • as a factual basis for developing marketing / advertising plans
  • as a tool for company executives to monitor industry
    developments / trends

Trendex's knowledge of the NAFTA apparel market uniquely positions Trendex to provide consulting services to apparel and footwear retailers / suppliers. Trendex can assist your company in:

  • Identifying market opportunities in the United States, Canada and Mexico
  • Measuring sales force productive and sales territory market shares
  • Assessing apparel licensing opportunities
  • Preparing annual marketing plans
  • Facilitating strategic planning meetings
  • Monitoring retailer customer satisfaction
  • Identifying line extension opportunities
  • Coordinating the development of marketing support services

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Keywords: Marketing, Monitor