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By: Sideshift  09-12-2011
Keywords: Boat, Bow Thruster, Stern Thruster

Simple docking for every boat. At Sideshift, our innovative bow thrusters and stern thrusters are, very simply, a better way of moving your craft from side to side. Whether you own a cuddy, cruiser, trawler, sailboat or houseboat, Sideshift has a thruster for you!

Sideshift bow thrusters are positioned externally at the front of your boat. This positioning provides two major advantages. The first is that there are now "no holes in your boat". With conventional bow thrusters, large holes must be made below the waterline. By eliminating these holes, Sideshift: substantially reduces installation time and costs, removes concerns and risk of leakage and eliminates the drag associated with holes.

The second major consideration is our pivot point advantage. One of the key factors in the "bow thruster responsiveness formula" is the location of the thruster. Sideshift technology allows you to position your thruster at the very front of your boat. The difference in "responsiveness" will surprise you.

Sideshift bow thrusters are also much easier to install; usually a "same day" installation that can be performed by you the boat owner, often without hauling your boat out of the water. This relatively simple installation, also allows you to transfer your bow thruster should you move up to a different boat "down the road".

You will also find our Sideshift bow thrusters run very, very quietly. Unlike conventional bow thrusters, there is little sound and no boat vibration.

Each Sideshift Bow or Stern Thruster is sold as a complete kit which includes:

  • External Thruster with Mounted Motor
  • Motor Controller
  • Joystick
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Manual
  • Compression Terminals
  • Harness from Thruster to Motor Controller
  • One Year Warranty
  • Technical Support M-F 9-5EST

We look forward to discussing the Sideshift advantages with you.

All prices are in US Dollars

Keywords: Boat, Bow Thruster, Stern Thruster