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By: Scn Matters  09-12-2011

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Feature-length documentary The Last Steamship: The Search for the SS City of Medicine Hat, developed with SCN support, will have it’s premiere at the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon on September 3rd!

“The greatest nautical disaster in prairie history…” Though these words may, at first, seem absurd – they are absolutely and undeniably true!

The Last Steamship: The Search for the SS City of Medicine Hat delves into the infamous history of the luxurious SS City of Medicine Hat, a 130 ft steamship which met her untimely end on June 7th, 1908 when she crashed into the newly constructed Traffic Bridge in Saskatoon and sank to the bottom of the swiftly flowing river.

One hundred years later, after the happenstance discovery of the ship’s anchor by Saskatoon Fire & Protective Services divers, a full-scale underwater excavation was launched in an endeavor to locate artifacts from the ship and attempt to piece together the story of the last steamship to ever embark upon the waters of the South Saskatchewan. And now, you’re invited to come onboard and join the search!

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After two years in a welfare residence for boys where daily survival literally means a fight, he is eager to get back to the family farm in Saskatchewan. A haunting and dark take on the western, Hungry Hills is adapted with depth and beauty by screenwriter Gary Fisher and director Rob King. At the Regina Public Library Film Theatre. George Ryga’s Hungry Hills,90 minutes. Snit Mandolin just wants to go home.