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By: Sciemetric  09-12-2011
Keywords: Hardware Systems, Signature Analysis, Signature Verification

Precise, Comprehensive Solutions

Sciemetric offers a range of products to monitor and measure quality along the assembly line, from hardware systems to enterprise-level software. These products represent the leading technology today.

Most Accurate

At the heart of all our systems is process signature verification – or signature analysis – software.  It is what provides the most accurate and reliable determination of part quality or process conformance. We pioneered this technology for manufacturing and it continues to be the best available.

Thoughtful Design

Built-in to our systems are years of experience and customer feedback. We design them for high performance taking into consideration the different users, applications and environments. From standardized hardware for use across the line to simplify spares to a consistent user interface, we have put a lot of thought into the things that help your business.

Line-wide Options

Sciemetric products are designed to provide visibility across the assembly line. Though we offer systems for individual applications, our customers gain the greatest value when applying the technology for multiple processes. Our products are designed to address virtually any application and can be customized for larger projects.

Keywords: Hardware Systems, Signature Analysis, Signature Verification

Other products and services from Sciemetric


Sciemetric | sigPOD Platform | The best technology to control and monitor manufacturing processes

The common hardware and software look and feel across applications simplifies operator training and reduces the required stock of spare parts. SPC for limit management that uses production statistics to calculate optimal test limits. The best technology to control and monitor manufacturing processes.


Sciemetric | sigPOD PSV | Configurable test and monitoring system

Requiring no programming or software coding, it features configurable, user-selected fields to adjust the software for your specific test. SigPOD PSV is a customizable version of sigPOD that can be used for a range of part test and process monitoring applications. Configurable Test & Monitoring System.


Sciemetric | QualityWorX | Traceability and analysis software for manufacturing

It collects data from the broadest range of sources on the production floor, from test instrumentation to PLCs, and stores serial numbers, dates, shift, time, sub-component information, machine performance, details of the operations and complete process data - including waveforms. It collects and stores information from the shop floor and provides the most advanced analytics to help you quickly make decisions about critical issues.


QualityWorX Database, archive, analysis, Web reporter

It stores all production data– including the data within process signatures, which no one else can do – and makes it accessible through different analytical tools. QualityWorX is both a database and a suite of analytical tools.