Rwanda social services and family counselling

By: Rwanda Social Services  09-12-2011
Keywords: Social Service

Settlement Programs and Services

Our core settlement services are interpretation and translation, information and referral, family counseling, youth activities, sponsoring information, advocacy, support and crisis intervention delivered in English, French, Kinyarwanda,Kirundi, Swahili,as well as other languages as needed by clients

Employment Counseling and Job Search

Clients receive assistance in preparing for the employment market in Canada. Issues such as dealing with assessment of foreign credentials, lack of Canadian work experience, and entering the job market for the first time are addressed. Computer training, and information on how to build networks with prospective employers among other skills are learned.

Homework Club

Fitting into the school system is a major issue facing newcomer Rwanda’s youth. In response to this challenge, the Centre has organized a Homework Club to provide youth with an opportunity to get support on some of the challenges they might be facing with the curriculum, meet other youth with similar concerns, access counselors who can provide support and build social networks.

After school program for Rwandan youth and other adolescents immigrants

The Rwanda Social Service of Ottawa provides after school activities for East African adolescents and youth that support learning, deter involvement in unproductive activities such as gang involvement and "hanging out" and offer a structured program of activities offering opportunities for successful orientation, integration, acculturation and self sufficiency within the Canadian culture

Educational Support

  • Provide homework assistance
  • Academic tutoring
  • Conduct Computer classes (how to use…)
  • Offer access to the Internet for educational purposes, research, reports, and other school projects
  • Provide access to computers to complete homework assignments
  • Provide a learning environment
  • Encourage family and parental involvement in the learning process through information workshops, discussion groups, and social events.
  • Provide a venue for community speakers and special guests to conduct workshops and presentations
  • Student internships

Youth Involvement Activities

  • Offer workshops and discussion forums about Canadian culture
  • Continue ESL classes for youth and families
  • Provide a "drop in" center for Rwandan youth to participate in "structured activities
  • Conduct continued conflict resolution classes
  • Coordinate and offer field trips and community integration events
  • Ship field trip
  • Fire expo
  • Law enforcement
  • Youth and Parent night

Cultural Preservation Classes

  • Offer Rwanda culture classes
  • Offer Rwandan language classes
  • Offer Rwandan music and dance classes
  • Offer Rwandan literature, poetry, and writings

Sports and Recreation

Youth Hip Hop Dance (6 - 12 years)
Learn hip hop moves and we'll show you how to put them to the beat of the latest hip hop, funk and dance music. Basketball: Skills & Drill Development
Become part of an active skill development program that teaches kids the fundamentals of basketball and provides an opportunity to play in a recreational environment Girls and Goals (6 -13 years)
Come play different sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball just to name a few. This supportive girls only program will develop new skills and improve self esteem while fostering new friendships.
Soccer - Children/Youth Indoor
Fun, active play and skill development are the focus with an emphasis on teamwork and fair play. Sports of all Sorts (6 - 13 years)
A fun hour of playing sports! games such as soccer, floor hockey, basketball, cooperative games. SWIMMIN
Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian while in a Y facility unless they are participating in a supervised Y program. Research
The Centre participates in research to better understand emerging needs of the community so that programs/services can be tailored. Recently, the Centre has partnered with agencies such as Jewish Family Services, Immigrant women and Visible minority, YMCA, Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre and Immigrant women Service. Women’s Group discussion
The group meets to discuss issues such as exercise, diet and nutrition, cultural activities, elder abuse, and health issues as they affect women who are seniors. Violence Against Women Program
Women are provided culturally sensitive counseling, information and referral in a language they are comfortable with. The Centre also works with community members, religious and faith institutions to build awareness and sensitivity in supporting women facing abuse. Crisis Intervention
Clients face all kinds of situations that can become a crisis in view of their previous experiences and having to confront barriers and lack of available resources. The most common issues that can manifest as a severe suicidal crisis include traumatic experiences, family separation, financial crisis, loss of status as well as other losses. Other crises may be due to extreme stress. The role that RSSFC takes is to support the client with reassurance, information and in many cases, advocacy to ensure their protection and their rights. conjunction with the basic services of counseling, crisis intervention and referral to our extensive network of lawyers, doctors, and social service workers.

Keywords: Social Service