The CanIt Family of Email Filtering Software

By: Roaring Penguin  09-12-2011
Keywords: Regulatory Requirements, virus protection, Spam Filtering

The enterprise spam filtering version allows large organizations to delegate spam blocking control to domain owners, who can then further delegate control to end-users. It includes all the features of CanIt-PRO.

The professional antispam solution offers flexible end-user controls, per-user Bayesian spam filtering, virus protection and a web interface for end users. Ideal for businesses from 20 users to 200,000 users.

CanIt Archiver stores all mail passing through the CanIt system. Flexible retention period matches your organization's policy or meets regulatory requirements such as the Freedom of Information Act, HIPAA, etc. Powerful and efficient searching provides a fast and easy way to find the right message and any related messages. Includes E-mail Continuity to access e-mail during mail server outages.

The CanIt Reputation List collects IP reputation data from a worldwide network of Universities and ISPs. Roaring Penguin Software aggregates this data into five DNS-based block lists: Spam Source, Mixed, Dictionary Attackers, Greylist Stumblers and Good.

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Other products and services from Roaring Penguin


CanIt Archiver: Roaring Penguin's Email Archiving Solution

CanIt Archiver takes SMTP in and produces SMTP out, so it is compatible with any mail server including Microsoft Exchange, Sendmail, Scalix, Postfix, Zimbra, Exim, and more. CanIt Archiver: A software solution that runs as an appliance at your location. Reduce e-mail related storage issues on your mail server. Experts must have flexible search options. Advantages of the CanIt Archiver Software. Set your own e-mail retention periods.


Roaring Penguin Software's Hosted Spam Filtering Service

Offering per ­user or per­ group anti­-spam settings and quarantines, an intuitive simple end­user interface, graphical reporting tools and automatic updates, Hosted CanIt makes it simple to block spam without requiring the installation of software or hardware or placing a complex administration burden on your system administration team.


CanIt-PRO: AntiSpam Software | Roaring Penguin

With CanIt-PRO, administrators block spam by configuring the system and setting global policies centrally then making them available to end-users, who enroll via a web interface. A regular user will not be able to adjust, manage or otherwise interact with any settings or information on the system that does not relate to their account. CanIt-PRO will issue standard SMTP rejection codes during the SMTP transaction in the following cases.


Roaring Penguin Software's Anti Spam Solutions

As a business, once you have grown past stopping spam on the desktop Roaring Penguin Software can offer you anti spam solutions that run on the mail server, or that use a dedicated server to stop spam in front of your mail server or even wholly outsourced spam scanning service.


CanIt-Domain-PRO Anti Spam Filtering Software for MSPs, ISPs, Web Hosts, and Universities

CanIt-Domain-PRO enablesa super system administrator to delegate system administration rightswhich in turn allows the designated system administrator to offerper-user or per-group anti spam filtering. CanIt-Domain-PRO is anti spam software designed for managed serviceproviders, web hosts, ISPs, universities and anyone who has to providee-mail spam protection for multiple domains.