Bed Bug Bedding

By: Rest Assured MC  09-12-2011
Keywords: Bed Bug, Zipper, Soft Fabric

At Rest Assured MC we carry a full line of bed bug solutions. Ou r, andare all lab certified bed bug proof and we have the lab results on hand.  The competition say “lab certified” but when asked to show proof, they can’t. To see our proof,. Buy from someone who sells with confidence and supplies true and tested products at great prices.

Our soft fabric and zipper have been tested using live hungry bed bugs, the results prove that bed bugs and their eggs will not be able to pass or bite through the fabric and special zipper. Our Bugstop system has a 3-sided zipper with tiny teeth and an added fabric channel (with inside backing that keeps bugs inside or out even if the zipper pulls open slightly). Our products are also completely noiseless and do not make the crinkling sound often found with inexpensive protectors.

Keywords: Bed Bug, Soft Fabric, Zipper,

Other products and services from Rest Assured MC


Mattress Covers

Our specially designed fabric and zipper have been tested using live hungry bed bugs, the lab tests show that bed bugs or their eggs will not be able to bite through the fabric or pass through our special 3-sided zipper with tiny teeth. Bugstop mattress and box spring covers have a unique patent pending Bugstop seal tape closure that fits securely over the zipper end to form a complete seal.


Steam Cleaners

The temperature of the steam (boiler temperature 302ºF – 320ºF) will kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact as well as sanitize and clean. Vapor Dry Steam Cleaning is a great non-toxic tool to treat a bed bug problem as hot dry steam eradicates bed bugs and their eggs.


Bed Bugs in Hotels

Reduce bed bugs recurrences and treatment costs by providing BugZipTM suitcase covers and luggage and drawer encasements to your guests. Can also be used prior to pest control treatment and managing bed bugs. This will prevent bed bugs from being released into your facility. Ideal for hotels, hospitals, clinics, dorms & barracks.


Pillow Encasements

Capturing more then 99.9% of particles, the membrane forms an effective barrier against dust mites, bed bugs and other harmful allergen products. Bugstop pillow encasement’s protect against bed bugs without sacrificing your quality of sleep. Our 100% Polyester knit feels and looks like soft satin.