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By: Renaissance Architect  09-12-2011
Keywords: Productivity, Application Development, Business Applications

Focus on Productivity Through Standards
At the heart of any solid productive application is a design pattern that should ensure ease of use, fault tolerance and provide for easy modification and enhancement of the application. In today’s software development paradigm, the focus has shifted from an emphasis on the technology, largely because virtually all of the major technology choices provide similar functionality, to that of productivity. The measure is not so much how well a particular technology platform works, but how quickly and how effectively, a given technology choice can be brought to productive use for both mission-critical and non mission-critical business applications within an organization. It is with this fundamental approach to delivering quality solutions that Renaissance Architect was conceived and developed.

Benefits of Using Renaissance Architect
By using Renaissance Architect’s modular, feature-rich development environment, you can expect:
  • Faster application development and maintenance
  • Higher application performance
  • Reduced risk
  • Lower development and maintenance costs
  • A new business application that allows you to update and report on data
Renaissance Architect gives you a high performance application development tool that keeps you ahead of the curve. With the components to accelerate the development of standard application features, Renaissance Architect gives you a competitive advantage by enabling you to focus on your application’s unique business functionality, not the plumbing code. Developed to be Scalable
At the inception of the design of the Renaissance Architect .NET framework, CORE Software Engineers and Microsoft .NET Engineers worked very closely to ensure that the design of the Renaissance Architect .NET framework was scalable. These core design decisions were influenced by a singular focus on the need to scale an application to support thousands of users. This requirement has always been one of the key cornerstones in the design of the Renaissance Architect .NET framework. Not only does Renaissance Architect’s framework need to support the current user population using a given system today, but also needs to be able support and grow with an end-user community accessing a new internet/intranet based system. This is especially important for those users of Renaissance Architect who wish to deploy all or parts of their application to the public Internet, where the number of users accessing the business application is perhaps unpredictable, but where the availability of the website and its ability to process a potentially large volume of requests is paramount to the success of the system.

Keywords: Application Development, Business Applications, Productivity, Renaissance Architect, Software Engineers,

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